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Metco IIoT - You Can Only Manage What You Can Measure

Know the Status of Your Thermal Spray Systems Wherever They Are

At Oerlikon Metco, we know thermal spray is a science that can be controlled for reliable, repeatable results and optimized for best value. Our digital Metco™ IIoT solution will do just that for you!

Create more value from your thermal spray systems with Metco IIoT. Connect your thermal spray systems to an Industry 4.0 platform and build the foundation for data analysis and monitoring.

Get the most out of your equipment by:
  • Increasing your operational efficiency
  • Increasing your throughput
  • Track and improve quality
Efficient   Effective   Economical    Environmental  
  • Data at your hands
  • Quickly identify downtimes
  • Plug and play solution Directly embedded into existing equipment
  • Reduce your scrap rate
  • Data generated and accessible in real time
  • Identify irregularities
  • Remote monitoring and maintentance of the Metco IIoT
  • Understand consumption of resources to optimize their use
  • Improve performance of maintenance and service
  • Continuous recording of your production process
  • Edge Gateway (internet connection required)
  • Increase up-time, decrease down-time


Metco IIoT Cloud Service

Metco IIoT Cloud Service

We store, secure and analyze your data

Whether it is on your laptop or your tablet, with Metco IIoT Cloud Service, you’re in control. Customize your views on the fly to see exactly what is important to you. Know what systems are running where ever they may be and see problem areas. 

  • Don’t guess what your costs are — know all thermal spray processing costs (material, power, process media, consumables, labor, etc.) with a recorded history
  • Optimize job schedules for your thermal spray systems
  • Identify production cost and time variances so you can correct problems
  • Reduce downtime by optimizing system maintenance schedules
  • Manage multiple sites and roles for your global installed base
  • Benefit from advanced data processing through Oerlikon Expertise

Metco IIoT Connectivity

Metco IIoT Connectivity

Simple and effective! Collect data and create value

Oerlikon Metco IIoT enables you to improve your production process and enables an easier, faster and more efficient operation. Your company benefits from access to machine data improving availability, reducing scrap rate and increasing throughput.

  • Plug and play solution
  • Embedded into existing equipment
  • Locally store and centralize data for historical analysis and quality control purposes, or optionally in the Metco IIoT cloud service.