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Dental implants using fixed dental prostheses face increasingly strict quality requirements:

  • The functionalisation of dental abutment surfaces with biocompatible, highly wear-resistant coatings play an integral part of modern dental technology today
  • Dental instruments need to provide a highly smooth, hard, chemically stable and autoclavable coating
  • Colour-coded dental instruments allow dentists and surgeons to make identifying them easier during a dental treatment

The innovative BALIMED TICANA coating from Oerlikon Balzers not only meets these stringent requirements, it has the same colour as human gums, which makes it discreet and aesthetic, and it also offers functional properties of dental abutments. Minimal abrasion and low wear enable stable implant fixation and a longer service life.

Color rosat Aparença estètica gràcies al natural color gingival.
Recobriment TiCN extremadament dur, resistent a l’abrasió i el desgast Superfície duradora, pròtesis dentals fixes de llarga durada, alta estabilitat per a la corona dental, duresa del recobriment HIT [GPa] >35
Alta fidelitat i estabilitat del color Color estable després de 34 dies d’immersió en clorur sòdic (NaCl) al 25%.
Sense variació del color (ΔE = 0.7)
Resistent a la corrosió Protecció davant dels productes d’higiene dental, la saliva, etc.

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