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BALITHERM IONIT ST Fiable protección contra el desgaste para aceros inoxidables no magnéticos


With the new and reliable BALITHERM IONIT ST diffusion process, stainless steels become wear-protected. Still, non-magnetic properties, corrosion- or acid-resistance, and food save properties of austenites and martensites are preserved. Additionally, nearly no deformation takes place due to the low temperature.

BALITHERM IONIT ST therefore is ideal for the automotive and food processing industry:
In the automotive industry high-alloyed stainless steels are used for stressed components. With the BALITHERM IONIT ST nitriding process these parts gain a solid wear protection, while the typical stainless-steel features remain unaltered.

In the food processing industry, in addition to wear protection especially the improved gliding properties are requested. Of course nitriding with BALITHERM IONIT ST is also food save*, such as stainless steels are.

  • Exceptional hardness and wear resistance
  • Conserving its corrosion resistance
  • Conserving its non-magnetic properties
  • No flacking
  • Very good gliding properties

*Qualified for direct contact with food by Institute Prof. Kurz GmbH, Cologne, 2015

Sin formación de precipitación de nitruro de cromo Conservación de las propiedades no magnéticas
Retención de la resistencia a la corrosión
Sin deformación ni cambios dimensionales Adecuado para tolerancias precisas
Dureza elevada Resistencia al desgaste notablemente mejorada para materiales austeníticos con baja dureza

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