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INUBIA B6 & B15 Metallization of plastic parts with decorative and durable PVD coatings


High-quality plastic components with high-gloss metallic or matt surfaces and a chrome look are widely used in many industries today. They offer functional properties and add value to the product.

The INUBIA B6 and B15 PVD coating systems metallize plastic parts in compliance with REACH without the use of harmful substances. They provide smooth and glossy coatings with high durability and high adhesion on a variety of polymers (low temperature materials). When metallizing plastics, a process temperature of up to 80°C can be achieved.

These PVD coating machines are planar magnetron sputtering machines that run both, reactive and non-reactive gas processes. This makes them ideal for high-end surface treatment operations that wish to combine decorativeness, durability, operational efficiency and reproducibility – and all of this with a high level of flexibility in terms of base materials and geometries. Various decorative coatings such as BALTONE and functional thin film coatings can be deposited by intelligently combining different metal plasma sources and process gases.

The plastic metallization process is fully automated. Short process time is a key feature of the INUBIA B6 and B15 systems. The smaller INUBIA B6 is ideal for research labs and small parts. The larger INUBIA B15 allows for higher production volumes. To further increase throughput and production efficiency, it is also available in a two-door version. Operational efficiency is also supported by simple maintenance routines and the optional auxiliary hardware for handling the carousel.

  • Smooth and glossy surfaces
  • Large variety of coatings, also with a chrome-look
  • High adhesion and durability
  • Reproducibility through automated precise control
  • User friendly operation and high efficiency
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable solution, no harmful substances are used (REACH-compliant)
Max. coating height (mm) 600 1500
Max. batch load incl drive plate (kg) 160 200
Vacuum chamber doors 1 1 or 2
Number of spindles 1 - 9 1 - 4
Maximum usable coating diameter of spindle in mm 220 360

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