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Continuous improvement for zero-defect quality


Oerlikon Balzers increases value through high-quality innovative industrial solutions. This commitment results in impact and success for our customers. We work together pursuing with passion advanced surface solutions for today and tomorrow that add value to our customers' products and processes through consistent quality and performance.

Our understanding of quality is determined by controlled processes, high-quality products and services, continuous improvement to zero-defect quality world-wide and environmental responsibility.

Controlled processes

Oerlikon Balzers' working methods are highly process-oriented. Process definitions are determined by the current and future needs of external and internal customers. Efficient and effective business processes are a cornerstone of Oerlikon Balzers’ company philosophy. Process documentation, measurement of process efficiency, continuous training of the associated employees and internal and external audits ensure that these processes are both followed and improved. External certificates that are regularly reviewed guarantee continual improvement.

High-quality products and services

Quality for Oerlikon Balzers means fulfilling customer expectations and is the basic requirement for customer satisfaction. Our objective is always the same: to offer high-quality products and services with zero-defect quality using optimised procedures. Our employees and suppliers moreover share this goal.

Continuous improvement to zero-defect quality

Every day, Oerlikon Balzers coats more than 500,000 parts and processes thousands of orders throughout the world. To guarantee work of a uniform quality, all of our centres use comprehensively documented technical standards and undergo internal audits to ensure compliance with these standards. Systematic reject evaluations and resultant improvement measures are moreover communicated to all centres In order to further improve quality.


Petra Ammann

Petra Ammann

Head of Communications Oerlikon Balzers

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