Medical Components

Medical Components

Wounds from medical instruments with sharper cutting edges heal faster, while instruments with antimicrobial properties reduce the incidence of infections and avoid reconstructive surgery. Anti-glare properties help surgeons work faster and with greater comfort.

The advantages of BALINIT® hard coatings in this area are clear from multiple perspectives. They prevent scuffing and ensure trouble-free operation, even when running dry. Examples include the pneumatic components of tools for the implantation and removal of intramedullary nails and surgical bone saws. Coated components are moreover protected against corrosion during sterilisation.

The yellow-gold colour of BALINIT® A (TiN), serves to distinguish coated eye surgery instruments from uncoated instruments. The coating is also aesthetically pleasing.

There are many good reasons to use BALINIT® coatings from Oerlikon Balzers:

  • bio-compatibility certification
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification
  • cutting edges remain sharp
  • avoidance of tool changing during operations
  • improved tissue and bone protection through reduced friction/heat generation
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