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Solució de recobriment Material de recobriment Tecnologia de recobriment Microduresa HIT (GPa) Coeficient de fregament (sec) vs. acer Temperatura màx. de treball [ºC] Temperatura de procés
BALINIT CNI CrN Sputter 18 +/-3 ~0,5 700 < 250
BALINIT D CrN Arc 18+/-3 ~0,5 700 -
BALINIT CROMA / CROMA PLUS CrN Arc 25+/-3 ~0,5 700 500

Meat grinding

BALINIT CNI, BALINIT D and BALINIT CROMA PLUS for meat grinding plates ensure excellent resistance against abrasive wear, corrosion and galling.

The advantages of BALINIT-coated components:

  • Higher surface hardness, meaning less particle abrasion
  • Less danger of galling due to ceramic-like surface
  • Damage-free cleaning due to higher surface hardness
  • FDA approved coating solution
  • Long-lasting sharpness of punches and knives
  • Attractive colours
  • Excellent release and non-stick properties

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