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BALIQ ALCRONOS Advanced coating solution for micro tools, reamers, threading tools and stamping punches

BALIQ ALCRONOS micromachining
Reamers are required to produce high quality products and high quality surfaces
Outstanding surface quality and precision for thread formers and taps
Outstanding surface quality and precision for thread formers and taps
Revolutionary thread forming and tapping mastery

High-precision tools are required to produce components with high-quality surfaces and the required accuracy. However, the accuracy provided by new tools declines with use. With the micron-precise, high-end coating BALIQ® ALCRONOS, tools such as micro-drills, thread formers and mills, reamers, end mills and punches remain as good as new, and the reliability of the process is increased.

Tool change frequency is significantly reduced for a wide range of materials, especially ductile alloys like 300 series stainless and steels up to HRC 50 or when stamping challenging materials such as Corson alloys. The revolutionary smooth coating with excellent adhesion to the substrate ensures outstanding surfaces and thus high production quality. The AlCrN-based coating is also considerably less prone to built-up edge formation.

  • Consistently long tool life thanks to the smooth, defect-free coating surface, especially micro-drills
  • Precision, high-performance coating
  • High micro-machining process reliability and efficiency
  • Reduced tool costs
  • Reliable production of critical and expensive components
  • Superior manufacturing and surface quality
  • Can be reconditioned, thus contributing to sustainability by conserving valuable natural resources

BALIQ® ALCRONOS now offers the same properties with the same performance and benefits as the previously available BALIQ® MICRO ALCRONOS.

Revolutionary smooth and defect-free coatings with outstanding adhesion Superior process reliability under all application conditions, no post-treatment necessary
Low susceptibility to sticking of AlCrN-based coatings Prevention of adhesion and build-up edges even with difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and stainless steels
High wear resistance of AlCrN-based coatings even under severe thermal stress Long tool lives, even under MQL and dry machining conditions
High coating thickness precision The ultimate in tool precision
Precision coating of ultra-sharp cutting edges Significant performance gains mainly with smallest chip thicknesses or when stamping micro components, and optimised component surface quality

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