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BALIQ ALTINOS Coating solution for demanding applications with indexable inserts, endmills, drills and micro-tools

BALIQ ALTINOS is an ideal coating for indexable inserts and challenging operations
BALIQ ALTINOS is an ideal coating for indexable inserts and challenging operations
BALIQ ring

The AlTiN-based BALIQ® ALTINOS is highly wear-resistant, even at high operating temperatures. The result: Very high thermal stability and long tool life, which means far fewer tool changes.

Moreover, with its perfectly smooth surface and cutting-edge quality, BALIQ® ALTINOS offers significant performance advantages such as optimum chip removal, reduced built-up edge formation, whilst, at the same time, providing outstanding adhesion to the substrate.

The high thermal stability and wear-resistance of the premium AlTiN-based coating are particularly beneficial when machining demanding materials, even when micro-machining steels up to HRC 56. The associated performance gains also lead to significant cost and time savings.

BALIQ® ALTINOS is perfectly suited for applications where indexable inserts, mills, drills and micro-tools are used:

  • Reliable machining of critical and expensive workpieces, especially in micro-machining
  • High micro-machining process reliability and efficiency
  • Precise, high performance coating
  • BALIQ® coatings are defect-free, eliminate the need for mechanical post-treatment (polishing)
  • Sustainable coating, can be reconditioned

BALIQ® ALTINOS replaces the previously available coating BALIQ® MICRO ALTINOS providing the same properties and advantages.

Revolutionary smooth and defect-free coatings with outstanding adhesion Premium coating surface quality for high manufacturing quality, especially in micro-machining operations
High wear resistance of AlTiN-based coatings even at high service temperatures Very high thermal stability of the tool, resulting in longer tool service life, i.e. clearly less tool changes
High coating thickness precision and distribution of even the sharpest cutting edges Significant performance gains mainly with smallest chip thicknesses leading to optimized component surface quality
Exceptional toughness and high wear resistance in abrasive applications Enhanced tool durability and efficiency in harsh conditions, combined with high resistance to flank and crater wear at low to medium temperatures

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