Aerospace components must withstand the most demanding conditions and comply with strict safety and environmental regulations. Oerlikon Balzers coatings are designed to meet these challenges - during the production of components and tools and throughout their service life.


Take off more easily with BALINIT

The aerospace industry is marked by ever shorter development and manufacturing cycles, enormous quality and safety demands and increasing environmental protection requirements. BALINIT® coatings make a significant contribution to mastering all these demands.

Tribological wear, friction and mechanical impacts take their toll on components, which, during their service life, must withstand wear, corrosion and high loads, whilst being lightweight and exhibiting low-friction. The production of innovative and cost-effective aerospace components is also hugely challenging: cutting tools must resist wear under severe operating conditions, ranging from high cutting temperatures to heavy loads causing friction and problematic chip removal.

BALINIT® coatings fulfil all these requirements – and are based on an environmentally-friendly, future-oriented coating technology. Long approved in the aerospace industry and applied in many domains, these thin PVD coatings exhibit high hardness and decisively reduce friction and wear. Depending on the application, surface treatment improves the service life, productivity and quality of tools and components.

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