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DLC coatings on camshafts and other valve train parts
Reducing friction and wear in motorsports
BALINIT CAVIDUR-coated for piston ring
BALINIT CAVIDUR-coated for tappet
BALINIT CAVIDUR-coated for valve

Components with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings have become well established in racing series such as NASCAR, Formula 1, WRC and DTM through reduced friction, increased wear resistance and extended lifetimes. BALINIT® CAVIDUR is the ideal DLC coating for valve train components. Motorbike and motocross components have moreover been optimized by this coating for more than 20 years. DLC coatings, such as BALINIT® CAVIDUR, are just one step in the development of high performance engines. Without them though, today´s high loads and performances wouldn´t be conceivable.

  • Increased performance and reliability
  • Significantly reduced friction and wear
  • Extended component lifetimes
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