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Order premier coatings online with myBalzers

Digital order processing – stay in the loop at all times

Order premier coatings online with myBalzers
Order premier coatings online with myBalzers
Order premier coatings online with myBalzers

Our digital service myBalzers allows you to easily order and track job coating services online, monitor real-time order status and access related documents – anywhere at any time.

With the Oerlikon Balzers job coating services and its globally standardized production processes, your tools and components are in the best hands.

Why ordering online with myBalzers

  • Streamline your order process

    Save time by placing your order online and initiating the transfer before shipment. This ensures that we are ready to process your order promptly upon its arrival at our coating center.

  • Make ordering regular items easier

    Quickly reorder items you frequently purchase using the re-ordering feature. Add precisely information of your favorite items and save them with myBalzers for a smoother, more efficient ordering experience.

  • Effortless delivery scheduling

    myBalzers provides you with full transparency about when you can expect your tools or components back. Indicate your preferred delivery date if you have a specific one in mind.

Fast access anywhere at any time

  • Go paperless: Seamless digital document storage

    With just a few clicks, effortlessly access all your invoices and order-related documents. Seamlessly upload, download, and review essential files, including quality reports, inspections, and drawings, to enhance your order management experience.

  • Seamless convenience: 24/7 ordering

    The convenience of myBalzers eliminates the need for phone contact, saving both time and effort. Online ordering is available 24/7, allowing you to place orders at any time.

  • Stay informed with real-time logistics

    Experience the efficiency of real-time logistics with the ability to track your orders at any moment.

Sign up now and benefit from myBalzers


Four simple steps to create your account

  • Click "Sign Up" to create an account

    Creating an account is easy and it takes less than 2 minutes. Just go to the myBalzers website and click "Sign Up".

  • Fill in the requested information

    Next, just enter a valid email address, a few personal details and information about your business: country, company name and customer number and agree on Oerlikon’s Terms and Privacy Policy. You will find your customer number on each of your Oerlikon Balzers invoices at the top right.

  • Check your email account and set a password

    After this, you will receive an email to inform you that your request has been received. We will process and verify your sign-up request and within 1-2 business days your account should be finalized, and you will receive another email to ask to set your password.

  • Your myBalzers account is ready to use

    Once your password is set, navigate to the myBalzers site and log in with your email and password, and you are ready to place your first online order!

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