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Production Process

Your tools and components are in good hands with us

Production Process

The Oerlikon Balzers production process guarantees you uniformly high and reproducible quality, worldwide.

Our quality - Your profit

All of our centres use the same equipment and procedures for tool and component coating.

From initial inspection to return shipment, our production process is designed for your components or tools and adapted, in each case, to the particular characteristics of the required coating.

These automated and standardized production processes guarantee uniformly high quality and reproducibility, worldwide.

  • In-coming inspection

    The parts to be coated are checked for quantity, material and surface condition. The production sequence is determined on the basis of customer specifications.

  • Cleaning

    Clean surfaces are essential for coating adhesion. For this reason, Oerlikon Balzers invests a great deal of effort in surface preparation for PVD and offers multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning lines using aqueous alkaline baths without environmentally damaging additives.

  • Decoating

    In case of re-coating the removal of old coating layers can be required. Oerlikon Balzers has developed specific procedures to remove different PVD coatings without negative influence on the substrate.

  • Pre-Treatment

    If additional pre-treatment is required, Oerlikon Balzers employs the appropriate technologies in each case (for example degassing in a vacuum oven to eliminate material residues in narrow bore holes, microblasting to remove porous surface layers, edge preparation for cutting tools).

  • Loading

    Before coating, the parts are loaded into interchangeable substrate holders and then inserted into the coating system. For large production runs, the substrate holders are loaded automatically. A defined arrangement of the parts ensures reproducible precision.

  • Coating

    Coatings of Oerlikon Balzers provide you with high-performance tools and components that are always ready to meet the increasing demands of modern manufacturing. A broad range of coating technologies is available for almost unlimited applications. Working in close collaboration with our customers throughout the world, our specialists are continuously opening up new applications. Customised coatings are available on request.

  • Post-Treatment

    Numerous methods (e.g. polishing, microblasting, brushing, drag finishing) are applied to give tools the finishing touches. Over the years, Oerlikon Balzers has gained the extensive experience needed to suggest the best possible solution and equipment to meet your needs.

  • Quality inspection

    The success of a coating also hinges directly on the condition and quality of the tool. Visual and mechanical methods are employed to assess the coating compatibility of incoming items and to determine coating quality. The deployment of our technologies in a wide range of industries allows us to optimally consult regarding the appropriate quality inspection method.

  • Packaging / shipping

    Coated parts are usually returned in the packaging in which they were delivered. Considerable savings are possible if the parts are delivered in suitable cleaning baskets.

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