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Supplier Requirements

Sustainability is an integral part of the strategy of Oerlikon Group (Oerlikon). For us, it is more than a concept. It is a living principle. Through our actions and measures, our own operations and processes contribute to a healthier planet. Our solutions and comprehensive services, together with our advanced materials, improve and maximize the performance, function, design and sustainability of our customers’ products and manufacturing processes in key industries. Furthermore, we take care in terms of social sustainability. We do not only offer good working conditions for our employees all over the world, but also differentiate ourselves through responsible and reliable relations with our other partners, such as suppliers. We expect our suppliers to share our value for the highest ethical standards and sustainability, and to maintain world-class management.

  • Oerlikon Supplier Cyber Security

    Oerlikon takes cyber security seriously. This includes our products, systems, and services, as well as our customers’ and Oerlikon’s data. Our suppliers play a crucial role in ensuring our cyber security. We therefore expect our suppliers to support and complement Oerlikon’s effort to keep our products, systems, and services safe. We expect our suppliers to comply with the Oerlikon Cyber Security Requirements for Suppliers as outlined by the Cross sector cybersecurity performance goals (CISA US). Further information can be found on Introduction CPG

    • pdf (132.53 KB)

      Oerlikon Cybersecurity Requirements for Suppliers

  • Human Rights Statement

    • pdf (4.92 MB)

      Policy Statement regarding the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains Policy

    • pdf (197.37 KB)

      Human Rights Statement of Oerlikon Textile

    • pdf (60.95 KB)

      Policy Against the Use of Child Labour Canada

    • pdf (35.85 KB)

      California Supply Chain Disclosure Act

  • Compliance Reporting Procedure

    In the documents provided for download, you will find a detailed description of the compliance reporting procedure as well as several contact options. In the document "Oerlikon Reporting System SpeakUp" you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

    • pdf (232.31 KB)

      Compliance Reporting Procedure

    • pdf (214.91 KB)

      Oerlikon Reporting System SpeakUp FAQ

  • Supplier Self-Information

    If you wish doing business with Oerlikon, your contact at Oerlikon will request you to provide complete supplier self-information. For conducting business with Oerlikon, we require business partners to provide the Dun & Bradstreet D‑U‑N‑S Number.

    • xlsx (120.08 KB)

      Supplier Self-Information

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Oerlikon maintains the highest ethical standards and demonstrates respect towards our employees, society, and the government. We expect our suppliers, as part of our extended enterprise, to share our values and beliefs, and require them to adhere to Oerlikon standards. The standards are defined in the Oerlikon Supplier Code of Conduct.

    • pdf (18.7 MB)

      Supplier Code of Conduct - Brochure

    • pdf (131.82 KB)

      Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Oerlikon GTC Goods and/or Services – Global Standard Version

    Suppliers can download the Oerlikon GTC Goods and/or Services – Global Standard Version and shall be used preferably in English language. The Oerlikon GTCs are applicable for cross border business.

    • pdf (108.62 KB)

      Oerlikon Group GTCs

  • Oerlikon GTC Goods and/or Services – Country-specific Version

  • Additional Terms for Oerlikon Surface Solutions

    • pdf (958.69 KB)

      Packaging and shipping instructions

    • pdf (385.13 KB)

      FedEx PickUp Instructions

    • pdf (627.61 KB)

      Technical Instructions

    • pdf (109.77 KB)

      Supplier Quality Supplier to Document Change Request

    • pdf (277.15 KB)

      Supplier Quality Concession Request

    • xlsm (770.87 KB)

      Supplier Audit Questionnaire

  • Additional Terms for Oerlikon Barmag – Remscheid

    • pdf (73.96 KB)

      Other Agreements to Purchase Order

    • pdf (51.61 KB)

      Shipping Instructions Oerlikon Barmag

  • Additional Terms for Oerlikon Neumag – Neumünster

    • pdf (70.8 KB)

      Other Agreements to Purchase Order

    • pdf (7.57 KB)

      Shipping Instructions Neumünster

  • Supplier Quality & Development

    We create value for our customers with high-quality, innovative technologies, products
    and services. We require our suppliers to adhere to the quality standards outlined in the Quality Supplier Agreement.

    • pdf (514.25 KB)

      QSV Global Quality Environmental Management Requirements

  • Oerlikon Surface Solutions Conflict Mineral Statement & Policy

    • pdf (165.7 KB)

      Oerlikon Surface Solutions Conflict Minerals Statement US Only

    • pdf (49.98 KB)

      Oerlikon Responsible Sourcing Policy


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