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Driving Sustainability and Innovation

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We help our customers to become more sustainable and efficient. Emissions reduction in transportation, maximized longevity and performance of tools, increased energy efficiency, intelligent materials and sustainable polymer processing are proven hallmarks of our global leadership. Everything we invent, develop and do is guided by our passion to support our customers’ goals and foster a sustainable world.

Empowering Customers to Achieve More With Less

  • ~9 bathtubs

    Manmade fibers are less resource intensive than natural fibers and are increasingly recyclable. A polymer t-shirt saves ~9 bathtubs of water compared to a cotton t-shirt.

  • -30% energy

    New filament equipment delivers ~30% energy saving, which is equivalent to the annual CO2 emission savings3 produced by the gasoline consumption of ~500k cars per year.

  • -10% weight

    Coatings enable the use of lightweight car materials, which will extend the driving range. For a 650-km range EV that is 10% lighter, the range extends by 5-7%, equivalent to a marathon.

  • -28% emissions

    A 20x lifetime extension of a metal tool through coating is equivalent to ~8.3 million metric tons of CO2 reduction annually or 28% of Swiss CO2 emissions.1

  • -30% waste

    New filament equipment3 enables ~30% of waste reduction, which is equivalent to the weight of 380 million t-shirts.

  • +5% efficiency

    5% efficiency increase in jet engines through coatings is equivalent to ~26 million metric tons of CO2 reduction annually2 or 88% of Swiss CO2 emissions.1

Our business objective is to provide customers with solutions that make their production processes more efficient and their products more durable. Our solutions and services, together with our advanced materials, improve and maximize the performance, function, design and sustainability of our customers’ and their customers’ products and manufacturing processes in key industries, as well as those of their customers. By increasing efficiency, we enable customers to optimize their usage of resources, lessen their energy consumption and reduce waste and emissions. 

1 A total of 29.6 million metric tons in 2022, based on the report “CO2 statistics: Emissions from thermal and motor fuels” by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.
2 Based on the installed base of jet engines in 2019.
Data per 2020 installed base for new vs. older generation of FDY on POY take-up and winding machinery.

More About Innovation at Oerlikon

Interview with Management: Sustainability Progress at Oerlikon 2023

Read the full conversation with Oerlikon Executive Chairman Michael Suess and Oerlikon Chief Sustainable Officer (CSO) Georg Stausberg on sustainability at Oerlikon and the company's progress towards the 2030 targets during 2023. Click below to read the full interview.

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Interview with Management: Sustainability Progress at Oerlikon 2023

Leveraging Our Innovative and Sustainable Technology

  • Purpose

    Our purpose is to maintain technology leadership and enable industries and customers to do more with less.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to empower customers to increase their efficiency and productivity, optimize their use of resources and reduce their energy use, water consumption and waste.

  • Focus

    We focus on helping customers and end users reduce environmental footprint while reducing Oerlikon's own impact, as well as ensuing strong health, safety and employment culture while upholding good governance and stakeholder engagement.

At Riri, Sustainability is Zipping Toward the Future

Did you know that as you got dressed this morning, you were participating in a global celebration? On April 29th it is World Zipper Day! Which is also the day when we at Oerlikon, celebrate 100 years since the founder of Riri obtained the patent for a closure system, marking the start of the iconic Oerlikon Riri zippers.

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Oerlikon Ranked Top 15% in MSCI Rating

A highlight of the year. In 2022, Oerlikon received an AA-score in the MSCI rating. Last year, Oerlikon received an improved score of AAA, with an average sector score of A, which places Oerlikon ranked in the top 15% of industrial machinery companies in 2023.

We are a sustainable company by virtue of our sustainable products, technology leadership and market reach. We have set ambitious 2030 targets as we improve sustainability in our operations. We aim to continue doing our part in helping to reduce the global carbon footprint and contributing to society.

Georg Stausberg
CEO Oerlikon Division Manmade Fibers

Driving Customers' ESG Progress with Sustainable Innovation

Oerlikon publishes its sustainability report on a yearly basis to show progress on the journey of achieving the 2030 targets. Download the report here.

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