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Everyday Innovation

Extraordinary innovation is a product of ordinary workdays at Oerlikon. The results have an impact on diverse markets, including tooling, automotive, aerospace, power generation, polymer processing and textiles.

Innovation is and will continue to be our key strength, we remain committed to the planned levels of R&D spending, as well as to activities such as digitalization, which will position us for future successes. 

Executive Chairman of the Board, Michael Suess

The #3 Most Innovative Company in Switzerland in 2023

This ranking brought together by BILANZ Wirtschaftsmagazin, PME and Statista celebrates companies that stand out in various areas. The criteria looked at our ability to innovate in every aspect of our business, from the products we create to our company culture that encourages fresh ideas and entrepreneurship. Particularly significant was our contribution in research, development, production, distribution and marketing. Plus, a special shoutout to all the patents and trademarks we hold, which speak volumes about our dedication to innovation. The voice of the people played a big role in recognizing Oerlikon’s innovation. A huge thanks to the 8,900 individuals, who shared their thoughts on the 500 companies in more than 45,000 reviews. We are humbled by this recognition and remain committed to driving innovation at every step!

Extreme Ingenuity for Demanding Conditions

Extreme Ingenuity for Demanding Conditions

In partnership with customers in these sectors, we improve efficiency in energy consumption, extend the lifespans of equipment and tools, promote increased materials recycling and support reductions in waste and CO2 emissions. To maximize their effectiveness, sustainability solutions often must perform in extreme environments. That can mean exposure to extreme heat and cold or intense friction or corrosive elements. From the depths of the ocean to the horizons of outer space, Oerlikon has pioneered technology that meets these challenges. Our innovations empower our customers and their customers to optimize efficiency and productivity in any environment.

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Research, Development and Digitalization

Research, Development and Digitalization

We’re in constant pursuit of further innovation or updates to our existing advances. To support our position as a technology leader, we have integrated digitalization into our R&D processes. Oerlikon’s Digital Hub in Munich, Germany accelerates our capacity for digital transformation, streamlines our operations, optimizes supply chain management and strengthens our performance in serving customer requirements.

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Innovate With Us

Innovate With Us

Are you ready for a career with a company whose history of innovation dates to 1850 and whose innovative future has no end date? Explore our job opportunities and learn more about the role you can play in making a difference in the world — and in your own professional development — as a member of our team.

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