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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Oerlikon, we believe building and sustaining an inclusive culture will support sustainable innovations to meet the needs of our customers and employees. We strive to create a more attractive workplace for diverse groups, regardless of background, language, beliefs, or gender.

We take our ESG responsibilities seriously, setting challenging targets for ourselves as we work towards ensuring we meet our sustainability commitments.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We welcome every generation at Oerlikon

Goal 1: Women in top management



by 2030

Goal 2: Women in high potential program



by 2030

Diversity at Oerlikon signifies the integration and appreciation of a wide range of experiences and perspectives, emanating from varied attributes such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation.

This fosters an innovative and inclusive environment where the uniqueness of every individual is celebrated and respected. Alongside, we are committed to equality, which ensures fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all. Additionally, our goal is to create an environment of inclusion where everyone is respected and valued.

These three principles - diversity, equality, and inclusion - are vital values that we continually strive to cultivate and embody at Oerlikon.

We actively work on making Oerlikon an attractive workplace for women

We remain committed to strengthening gender diversity on the Board, at the senior management level and across the company. In 2023, two out of eight members (25%) of the Board were women, while one out of five members (20%) of the EC was female.

Currently, 24% of our employees are female (in 2021 it was 23%). Achieving gender balance remains challenging given the predominance of men in engineering. Our overall workforce is largely male (76%), and women account for 13.4% of top management roles (2018 baseline was 12%).

We see a need to create enthusiasm for R&D and engineering to young girls . Therefore, we open our doors on Girls'Day to create enthusiasm for working in R&D and engineering.

How we build a company culture and a sense of belonging

Learn more about our commitments and get inspired by leaders of our ERG communities

Oerlikon respects individual perspectives regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or culture. To encourage organization-wide awareness and adoption of this philosophy, we organized Oerlikon’s Diversity Conference, themed “I See You”.

The conference serves as a platform to inform, reflect and exchange ideas on the topics surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and to pave a progressive and transformative approach to how we all engage in DEI at Oerlikon. 

Meet our partners and supported initiatives

When participating in Girls'Day we help build a better and more equal society. 

Apply now and join the collective of extraordinarily enthusiastic people!

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