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Hiring process

Oerlikon is a company of equal opportunity for all people, in all ways, all the time.

Our focus is attracting talented, dedicated people who share our core values: integrity, team spirit, excellence and innovation. We look beyond qualifications alone and focus more on expertise and the ability to achieve potential. We also believe compensation is about paying people fairly for their work, but also showing them opportunity.

The application process at Oerlikon is designed to be objective and transparent

We adhere to a standard process that includes initial and follow-up interviews, comprehensive candidate assessments, aptitude tests, and thorough reference checks. This allows us to make fair and informed decisions, ensuring we recruit the best fit for our team.

However, we recognize the importance of flexibility in our global operations. Depending on the position and the geographical location, the application process may vary, and some candidates may experience a more streamlined process. We are committed to providing an inclusive and fair hiring experience, tailored to the requirements of the role and location.

Step 1: Job Application

Thank you for choosing us! We trust that your applicant journey will be both rewarding and successful!

Final Step: Welcome to Oerlikon!

Congratulations on joining our team! 

Step 2: Preselection

Your qualifications will be reviewed against the position requirements, and you will be notified if selected to continue further in the process.

Step 3: First Job Interview

First interviews can be conducted by phone or in person. Basic questions are typically asked during this stage, but some interviews can be more in-depth.

Step 4: Candidate Assessments

Where applicable, human resources will initiate fair and unbiased applicant assessments appropriate for the responsibilities and level of the role.

Step 5: Second Job Interview

Follow-up interviews are more in-depth and can involve the manager, peers from other departments, members of the team and sometimes department leadership.

Step 6: Pre-hire Checks

We initiate reference checks, education verification and where appropriate, background and/or controlled substance and medical fitness checks.

Step 7: Offer Preparation

A member of the human resources team will contact the selected finalist with a competitive offer based on role, scope, responsibility and local market conditions.

You started at Oerlikon!

  • Once the candidate returns the signed employment contract, we enter them into our HR system, triggering the start of an onboarding program. The head of the candidate's new department is responsible for ensuring the new employee's smooth integration and satisfaction in their new role.
  • The integration of new employees into our company is a crucial component of our hiring and selection processes. This usually takes at least three months.
  • The first day carries particular significance as it's when new employees gain their initial impression of our company's values. As such, we meticulously plan not only your first day but also the subsequent ones to guide you effectively.
  • While your supervisor and the Human Resources department share responsibility for your onboarding, the supervisor's role is paramount.


  • For certain segments and locations, we have established a mentoring system. A colleague from your department, familiar with the company's culture, location, practices, and both written and unwritten rules, will guide you through your initial steps of integration.
  • The feedback and insights you provide during your onboarding phase are invaluable to us. Accordingly, we have a system in place for formally collecting such feedback to enhance our HR management system.
  • Performance reviews are a critical process that allows us to translate our corporate strategy and business objectives into personal goals. Within four to 12 weeks of your first day, we will convene to agree on your personal targets. Regular reviews and performance feedback will follow this meeting.
  • This procedure also applies to internal position changes and promotions, whenever feasible.

Apply now and join the collective of extraordinarily enthusiastic people!

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