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Driving Automotive Improvements by Reducing Weight, Fuel and Emissions

Oerlikon stands as a trusted partner in the automotive industry, relied upon by over half of the world's leading car manufacturers. Our offerings enhance component durability and engine efficiency, crucial for meeting the escalating demands of regulators, customers, and investors. From advanced coatings for engine components to innovative solutions for safety and performance, Oerlikon's offerings pave the way for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable automotive future.

With Solutions From Oerlikon, Customers Experience the Following

  • Enhanced tool performance, reduced costs, improved productivity

  • Optimized efficiency, reduced environmental impact, lighter components

  • Robust, lightweight engine parts, extended tool life

  • High-quality automotive components, reduced production costs

Our Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Synchronizer Components

Synchronizer components in a car refer to parts within the transmission system that facilitate smooth shifting between gears, particularly in manual transmissions. Friction Systems can be your technology partner for innovative transmission synchronizers. Our advanced synchronizers consist of precision-formed steel rings with Carbon friction linings that fulfill the highest performance expectations.

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Steering and Suspension

Ensure precise handling and stability with Oerlikon's steering and suspension solutions. Our coatings and surface treatments enhance the durability, performance, and safety of critical components such as ball joints and suspension systems. With improved corrosion resistance, friction properties, and fatigue strength, our technologies enable vehicles to navigate diverse road conditions with confidence.

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Thermal Insulation Systems

Effective insulation ensures optimal operating conditions, enhances safety, and prolongs battery lifespan, making it a crucial aspect of EV design and engineering. To insulate an EV battery refers to the materials and techniques employed to regulate and maintain the temperature of EV batteries. Its primary role is to mitigate heat generation and dissipation within the battery pack.

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Brake and Safety Systems

Brake discs, safety belts, airbags and tires are all key to vehicle and passenger safety. The reliability and quality of the materials used are essential if every single part has to work to perfection every time. Oerlikon technologies such as brake disc coatings and manmade fiber solutions equip manufacturers with technologies that further increase vehicle safety.

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Engine Systems

Injectors, valves, oil pumps, exhaust systems, cooling systems, turbochargers: Every part of an engine has to perform perfectly and reliably. Oerlikon coating technologies improve the performance and durability of engine components. The coatings significantly reduce friction and wear, resulting in improved fuel and oil efficiency, lower emissions and longer component lifespan.

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Exhaust Systems

Increasing requirements in exhaust gas regulations require new coatings in a high temperature, low lubricated and aggressive environment. A smart surface solution reduces friction in exhaust tracts at temperatures up to 800°C.

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Drive Trains

The advanced functional surface treatment of drivetrain components of clutches and transmissions prevents abrasion, corrosion and wear, while improving their efficiency and overall performance. Extended component life saves costs and resources.

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Design Parts

Now, door handles, mirrors, push buttons, switch covers, gear shifters, frames and many more parts can look like chrome without having used the unsustainable chromium-plating process. Oerlikon’s PVD technologies offer environmentally friendly, chrome-look metallization. Manufacturers can offer their customers the aesthetics they want and please regulators and nature at the same time.

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Illuminate the road ahead with confidence using Oerlikon's advanced lighting solutions. We offer hot runner systems for the market of rear and head lamps matching the most challenging needs of the automotive sector. Characterized by firm design rules and suitable for high pressure applications, our customized hot runner solutions for lighting minimize the risks of flashes, leakage or material degradation ensuring an excellent temperature control. 

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Fuel Cells

As the automotive industry shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, fuel cells emerge as a promising technology for powering vehicles. Oerlikon is at the forefront of fuel cell innovation, providing advanced materials and coatings that enhance efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Our solutions optimize performance while ensuring durability and safety, contributing to the widespread adoption of clean energy transportation.

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Every aspect of a vehicle's exterior demands precision and quality. Oerlikon's expertise in exterior solutions ensures that manufacturers achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Our advanced injection molded parts, coatings and materials enhance resistance to corrosion, scratches, and environmental factors, maintaining the vehicle's appearance and value over time.

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Efficient power transfer and smooth shifting are essential for maximizing vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Oerlikon's transmission solutions offer advanced coatings and materials that minimize friction, wear, and noise while maximizing durability and reliability. From synchronizer components to drivetrain coatings, our technologies optimize transmission performance, delivering a superior driving experience while extending component lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

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Products and Solutions

Cutting Edge Technology From Oerlikon for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Oerlikon is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the automotive industry, offering a comprehensive range of technologies tailored to meet the sector's evolving needs. From precision hot runner systems for molding critical components to innovative coatings that enhance durability and performance, and customizable industrial yarn solutions for reinforced parts, Oerlikon drives automotive innovation forward. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Oerlikon's offerings empower automotive manufacturers to produce vehicles that are safer, more efficient, and aesthetically superior, meeting the demands of today's dynamic automotive market.

Oerlikon Enhances Mazda's MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV Range with HVOF Solution

Faced with a unique challenge with its MX-30 e-SKYACTIV R-EV project, the car maker aimed to optimize the rotary unit of this model by transitioning from cast iron to aluminum, seeking to reduce weight by 15 kg while maintaining durability and performance. Oerlikon‘s advanced thermal spray solution using HVOF technology played a pivotal role in Mazda‘s transformation.

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Slicker, More Effective

With Oerlikon's advanced coatings, corrosion, friction and wear can be reduced for over 100 car parts. The resulting fuel efficiency and improved durability of light metals means manufacturers can build smaller engines. When manufacturers adopt a comprehensive approach to component coating, they can cut fuel consumption by 2% to 4%, reduce oil consumption by 30%, and cut engine block weight by 12%.

Lighter, More Distance

Coatings are pivotal in enabling the use of lightweight materials in electric cars, boosting their energy efficiency. For instance, a 10% lighter electric vehicle can extend its range by 5-7%, equivalent to running an extra leg of a marathon. By reducing vehicle weight, coatings contribute significantly to improving energy efficiency and overall performance. Ultimately, this synergy between coatings and lightweight materials is driving a transformative shift in the automotive industry towards more sustainable and efficient mobility solutions.

Unleashed, More Potential

Oerlikon's SUMEBore™ offers a powder-based thermal spray cylinder bore coating solution to address several challenges: enhancing fuel economy through low friction coatings and lighter engines, increasing corrosion and wear resistance, and reducing oil consumption by up to 82%. This plasma coating solution package is customizable to your application needs and seamlessly integrates into your production process. With over 20 years of proven market success, it's trusted by leading OEMs like Volkswagen and Audi, with Porsche achieving a remarkable ten-fold improvement in wear resistance in their new V8 turbo engine compared to non-coated surfaces.

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