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Our Social Commitment

At Oerlikon, we understand that a thriving society is built on a foundation of compassion and responsibility. By weaving together empathy, mindfulness, and collaboration, we aim to leave a lasting impact on society, fostering a brighter future where humanity flourishes in harmony with nature.

Sustainable Solutions for a Thriving Society

  • Responsible Employer

    Oerlikon is dedicated to cultivating a work environment where every employee feels secure, comfortable and can genuinely be themselves.

  • Health & Safety

    Oerlikon’s ongoing health and safety (H&S) oversight is designed to maintain an attractive and safe workplace for our employees, as mandated by the Group’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors and in keeping with our core values.

  • Responsible Sourcing & Human Rights

    Responsible sourcing at Oerlikon involves an ongoing investment in strong supplier partnerships. These are key to ensuring that we maintain our research and production timetables, sustain uninterrupted operations, deliver on our obligations to customers and employees and try to minimize environmental impact and risk.

Building a Brighter Tomorrow

We have long recognized the direct link between our internal diversity, our capacity to innovate and our market position. Cultural and geographical diversity align not only with our values, but also with our value proposition as a company that derives strength from the different backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise within our workforce. Learn more on our Careers section about how Oerlikon as an employer fosters driving sustainable innovation.

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Pioneering Health and Safety with Workplace Programs and Strict Safety Standards

Pioneering Health and Safety with Workplace Programs and Strict Safety Standards

Oerlikon is committed to ensuring health and safety for all employees, contractors, and visitors. We implement workplace programs to promote health-conscious behavior and continually improve HSE performance. We assess and manage all risks, provide relevant H&S training, and conduct regular performance reviews. Safety is a core component of our Code of Conduct, and we have integrated sustainability and HSE efforts into all policies. Oerlikon's equipment and products adhere to strict safety standards, and comprehensive safety measures, training, and information are provided. We monitor and mitigate occupational health and safety impacts, involve workers in the process, and comply with relevant regulations. Oerlikon also maintains occupational health services and promotes worker health through wellness programs and training.

Responsible Sourcing Drives Supplier Collaboration and Sustainability Excellence

Responsible Sourcing Drives Supplier Collaboration and Sustainability Excellence

Oerlikon prioritizes health and safety by selecting suppliers aligned with ethical standards and complying with the Supplier Code of Conduct. We use EcoVadis for sustainability assessment, promoting transparency and continuous improvement in their supply chain. With a dedicated Conflict Mineral policy, Oerlikon ensures responsible sourcing of minerals, supporting human rights and transparent trade. Our commitment to these principles fosters a culture of trust and collaboration with suppliers, driving excellence in health, safety, and sustainability practices throughout the organization.