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Oerlikon Digital Hub

The Oerlikon Digital Hub in Munich accelerates digital transformation and enables quantum leaps for our customers with business solutions of tomorrow.

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The Oerlikon Digital Hub in Munich accelerates digital transformation and enables quantum leaps for our customers with business solutions of tomorrow.

Engineering the Future - Together

 Engineering the Future - Together

We passionately invent and craft as a team.


We are excited about the digital future that we dream up and enable.


Nobody can do digitalization alone. We want to collaborate and celebrate innovation together.


Our Vision and Mission

To be the trailblazer and catalyst for digital transformation, for our customers and for our company.

We design, advise on, implement digital, innovative solutions, and deliver superior digital services, for our company and customers. We are engineering the future, together with internal and external communities, by bringing new ways of thinking, next generation digital skills and strong ecosystem of partners and experts, to build the solutions of tomorrow. The Oerlikon Digital Hub is the place to be for those who want to create the new digital world, within and around Oerlikon.


Step up - step in - join the team

Step up - step in - join the team
  • We want you to craft the market solutions of tomorrow to tackle megatrends such as energy efficiency, mobility and environmental protection
  • You are looking for technical challenges and an opportunity to create a remarkable impact by what you are doing
  • Your are a self-starter and enjoy working in a startup-like dynamic environment with high degree of autonomy and freedom in your work style, with the robustness and professionalism of a global industrial powerhouse

We are always looking for...

  • IoT Specialist (m/f/d)



  • Full Stack Software Developer (m/f/d)



If interested in the above, please use the contact form, specifying the role you want to learn more about.


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Oliver Wachsmuth

Oliver Wachsmuth

Global Head of Oerlikon Digital Hub

Who we are

Who we are

We are a global player and successful technology leader in all our business units. We lead in technology areas like additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing), high performance surfaces or man-made fiber production and serve key high tech industries like aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, tooling and more.

Oerlikon offers motivated employees a fascinating range of opportunities and career paths. Learn more about us by meeting a few of our colleagues from around the world!

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Oerlikon Digital Hub

Kapellenstrasse 12 85622 München (Feldkirchen) Germany

Imagine ...

... production facilities without harmful workplaces, with continuous processes that self-improve all the time.
Imagine pollution-less manufacturing without interruption, where maintenance is done like with a magic wand.
We imagine a lot of those things and won't stop dreaming them up.

More importantly though: We make them happen.
Welcome to the Oerlikon Digital Hub.

Imagine ...

The Oerlikon Digital Hub

“But just as elevators have changed the shape of buildings and cars have changed the shape of cities, bits will change the shape of organizations, be they companies, nations, or social structures.”

— Nicholas Negroponte (author of "Being Digital")


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