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Gas Turbine Hot Section

BALORA™ PVD MCrAlY is a coating which – thanks to the Arc Evaporation Technology – offers superior properties in gas turbine hot sections where operating temperatures often reach and exceed 1,200 °C. Compared to conventionally produced MCrAlY coatings, the optimum coating composition combined with PVD technology improves efficiency and reliability and prevents premature hot corrosion.

Advantages: PVD coating solutions from Oerlikon Balzers for turbine hot sections allow higher service temperatures, form an excellent diffusion barrier and provide an improved corrosion and oxidation resistance resulting in extended turbine blade service life, reduced maintenance and increased service intervals.


Solution Matériau de revêtement Technologie de revêtement Dureté du revêtement HIT [GPa]. Coefficient de friction (sec) acier Temp. de service max. [°C] Température du procédé [°C]
NiCrAlY (Ni, Ni/Co, Co) Arc 7 - 11 - 1200 400 - 500

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