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Unleash the Power of Carbon Friction Materials

The Widest Range of Wet Friction Materials in the Industry

Unleash the Power of Carbon Friction Materials

Carbon friction materials are materials used in various applications where frictional forces are required, such as brake pads, clutches, and other similar components. These materials typically contain carbon as a primary ingredient, often combined with other additives and binders to enhance performance and durability.

In the context of carbon friction materials, "carbon composite," "two-layer carbon," and "woven carbon fiber" refer to different types of structures and compositions used in the manufacturing of friction materials:

  1. Carbon Composite: Carbon composite refers to a material that is composed of carbon fibers embedded in a matrix material, such as resin. This composite material offers high strength, stiffness, and heat resistance, making it suitable for applications where these properties are required, such as in brake pads and clutch discs.

  2. Two-Layer Carbon: This term could refer to a carbon friction material composed of two distinct layers, each with its own composition or structure. For example, one layer might be a carbon composite while the other layer could be a different material designed to provide specific performance characteristics, such as enhanced heat dissipation or improved friction properties.

  3. Woven Carbon Fiber: Woven carbon fiber refers to carbon fibers that have been arranged in a woven pattern, similar to traditional textile fabrics. This weaving process provides additional strength and flexibility to the carbon fibers, making them suitable for applications where both durability and flexibility are required. Woven carbon fiber materials are often used in high-performance brake pads and clutches due to their excellent heat resistance and friction properties.

These terms describe different aspects of the composition and structure of carbon friction materials, each offering specific advantages depending on the requirements of the application.

Pioneering in Carbon Friction Materials

Oerlikon Metco Friction Systems is the pioneer in carbon friction materials. Our extensive range of friction materials enables engineers to select the ideal solution any application.

Friction Material Benefits (characteristics)
  • Superior friction characteristics (high dynamic / low static friction)
  • Ultimate energy capacity (up to 10 J/mm²)
  • High surface pressure (up to 20 N/mm²)
  • Outstanding durability
  • Proven cold shiftability (down to -40°C)
  • Fully compatible with all modern transmission fluids

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