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Transmission Components

Engineered Synchronizer Solutions for Automotive Transmissions

Advanced transmissions require a strong foundation. Oerlikon Friction Systems provides this with a combination of Carbon friction material and stamped steel synchronizer modules, offering best-in-class performance for demanding applications in all modern transmissions. Our unparalleled expertise in Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) synchronizers exemplifies our technology leadership: Today the majority of all DCT’s within the market are equipped with Friction Systems technology. 

Our high performance synchronizers offer:

  • Excellent shift quality due to superior frictional performance
  • Compatibility with all transmission fluids
  • Superior durability due to high wear resistant friction material
  • Consistent shift performance throughout life
  • Reduced weight due to formed steel rings

Our Carbon synchronizers with “2-layer” EF®8000 and EF®5010 are the industry’s solution of choice when it comes to manual and dual clutch transmissions in light vehicles. Our EF®9000 series “Woven Carbon”, are the preferred choice for the heavy duty vehicle market. 

Innovation is core within Oerlikon Friction Systems and we continue to strive to meet future requirements, our revolutionary S³ and ESync products offer significant advantages in weight, space and cost savings. 

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