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Accelerating our digital tomorrow

Munich, October 25, 2023 - Digitalization is one key success factor for our company. The various opportunities of digitalization to increase efficiency, optimize costs, and improve quality help us not only to remain the market leader in our industries, but also to foster innovation. As Oerlikon's key transformation driver and partner for product and process digitalization the Digital Hub fosters data-driven decisions and brings new technologies into the organization. With a focus on Sales -, Operations -, R&D Digitalization and Process Automation, we are accelerating our digital tomorrow.

Our Digital Transformation Journey  

Digital solutions help us to develop our products and services faster and make them better. With sensor-based data acquisition and corresponding software solutions, we increase the efficiency of plants, reduce the error rate, and establish transparency and therefore more control options in the production network. With the possibilities of artificial intelligence, we develop new materials and bring them to market faster than before. 

Oerlikon's global production and service network produces an immense amount of data, such as quality data or data for our coating centers which, when analyzed, has significant potential for efficiency gains. This involves better utilization of the service centers, cost optimization by reducing logistic efforts, and increasing customer satisfaction through higher and faster quality of order processing. With the help of new internet-based sales platforms, such as myBalzers, myMetco and essentials we create transparency and simplify processes for our customers, reaching new markets. 

What we want to achieve in the future 

Our goal is to become a data-driven company with new data-based business models, solutions, and services as well as internal processes. In the future, our processes, transactions and decisions are to be digitalized. Working closely with our business partners, we want to realize the full potential of digitalization in order to serve the interests of our stakeholders, shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees even better. 

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