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Digital Deep Dive: Frontend Development @ the Digital Hub

In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, online presence plays a key role in bringing digital strategies to life. With the rise of web applications and the growing demand for online services, advancing our online platforms is an essential part of the Digital Hub’s portfolio. In our upcoming interview series, we deep dive into the world of web development and explore the potential of digital transformation with our in-house development team.

Digital Deep Dive: Frontend Development @ the Digital Hub

Let’s start with our first expert: Sahana Vishwanatha, Team Lead Frontend Development, who is a Digital Hub member since 2020.

Before we start to talk about the role of Frontend Development in the digital transformation process, what is a Frontend Developer actually doing?

Sahana: A Frontend Developer is responsible for all tasks regarding the user interface to make it visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly. Our primary focus lies on user interaction and creating a seamless user experience. We also focus on digital strategies to create a positive brand perception and guide customers through their journey, whether it's placing orders or accessing our websites on various devices.

Now that we know a little bit more about the function of Frontend Development, how does your team contribute to our digital transformation?

Frontend Development is essential for our digital transformation. We are the first step in the digitalization process, ensuring the balance between functionality and attractive design. We enable our businesses to improve their online presence and to ensure that our digital platforms meet the customer’s needs.

Right now, we are mainly working on the digital sales platforms “myBalzers” and “essentials” and the IOT platform “OerliEye”. With “myBalzers” we have gained the trust of our customers for the efficient ordering process and stable order tracking. It’s our task to continuously test and improve the interface to make sure that everything works well. The recently launched web shop “essentials” is intended to be a space for experience gaining and iterating digital sales strategies. It’s a great experience and a nice opportunity to work closely with the PL Tools business together.

How are these projects distributed in your team?

From our four Frontend Developers, two are mainly responsible for the digital sales platforms, while our other two developers are equally involved in the digital sales and IOT platforms. As we constantly deliver new features and release new versions of the platforms, we strike a balance in work between the projects as needed.

Are there any specific technologies or tools that your team is using to support digital transformation? 

We are using the web application platform Angular with PrimeNG for our frontend technology. It's one of the top technologies, because it’s quick, easy to maintain and it's very easy for us to test. Along with Angular we use classic web development technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As part of the development team, how does your team collaborate with others to drive digital transformation?

For a successful digital transformation, a good collaboration is crucial. Our frontend team works closely together with all project stakeholders. This includes regular communication with the Backend Developers and Cloud Engineers to discuss the status. Daily stand-up meetings help us to align expectations and to ensure a well-structured workflow. My personal goal is to expand my Backend Development skills to further simplify the collaboration between the teams.  

Your journey as a Frontend Developer sounds very exciting but also demanding. Are there any challenges your team is facing?

Of course, every digital transformation faces challenges. Our work requires a constant expansion of our skills. We need to stay up to date with the latest software and technologies. Especially in Angular as we work a lot with it, there are constant updates. We also need to be able to find fast solutions when something is not displayed as it should be. But these challenges make our job much more exciting!

What projects will your team focus on in the future?

We will launch the IOT platform “OerliEye” soon. OerliEye is a frontend application that enables engineers to easily view analytics and images of a 3D print in real-time or post-process. In the future, we will continue to focus on IOT and digital sales platforms to create even more transformative solutions that can improve the efficiency and customer experience sustainably.

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