Surface Solutions Segment

Oerlikon Surface Solutions Segment

We are the world technology leader in the growing surface solutions market. Combining the complementary strengths of Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco we stand for pioneering innovation in technology and providing outstanding surface solutions for our customers. A wide spectrum of industries will benefit from new possibilities created from the combined product and solution portfolio.

Management Surface Solutions Segment

Segment CEO Surface Solutions

Dr. Roland Fischer

Head of Human Resources

Paul Clausen

Chief Financial Officer

Jürg Fedier

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Helmut Rudigier

Head of Business Unit Balzers Industrial Solutions

Marc Desrayaud

Head of Business Unit Automotive Solutions

Jochen Weyandt

Head of Business Unit Metco Aero & Energy

Dr. Wolfgang Konrad

Head of Business Unit Additive Manufacturing

Sven Hicken

About Surface Solutions Segment:
Following the acquisition of Metco in 2014, Oerlikon merged Metco with Oerlikon Balzers to form the new Surface Solutions Segment and created a global technology leader for surface solutions. Oerlikon Balzers and Oerlikon Metco complement each other perfectly in terms of their technologies, competencies and addressable markets. Customers are now able to take advantage of a unique range of products and services for surface treatment, thin-film and thicker-layer coating technologies, thermal spray coating, specialized machining services and components, as well as a global infrastructure spanning over 145 sites in 36 countries. The acquisition led to an additional 2 500 employees joining the Oerlikon Group. With a workforce of over 6 000 and annual sales of CHF 973 million, the Surface Solutions Segment was the second-largest Segment within the Oerlikon Group in 2014, with Metco consolidated for seven months. Since 2015, it is the largest Segment of the Group.
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