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Metal Additive Manufacturing and Product Development Partner

At Oerlikon, we’re integrating and scaling the entire Additive Manufacturing value chain from beginning to end.

By offering Additive Manufacturing Metal Powders, Additive Component Manufacturing, and Advanced Surface Treatments, including PVD, CVD, and Thermal Spray coatings, Oerlikon is uniquely positioned to advance the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing. We offer customized, cutting-edge manufacturing solutions to the Space, Aerospace, and Semiconductor, industries.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Unlock the potential of Metal Additive Manufacturing across dynamic industries like Space, Aerospace, and Semiconductor. The technology's design flexibility empowers us to produce lightweight yet durable components that enhance fuel efficiency in aerospace, optimize thermal management in semiconductor capital equipment, and consolidate satellite parts for space exploration.

Oerlikon's Advanced Additive Manufacturing solutions pave the way for optimized part production, minimizing material waste and ensuring high-quality, reliable components for critical applications in these industries.

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