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3D Printing Solutions for Many Industries

Oerlikon AM tackles the diverse challenges encountered by industries through innovative Additive Manufacturing solutions.

Whether the objective is to trim manufacturing expenses by reducing time and material costs, improve performance metrics such as strength, weight, and durability, or innovate entirely new and customized products, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our expertise extends to collaborative ventures across various sectors, including Space, Aerospace, and Semiconductors. This empowers us to spearhead the development of cutting-edge designs that optimize fuel consumption, cut costs, and contribute to environmental benefits.

Oerlikon AM delivers integrated services covering materials and surface technologies, design, production, and testing of industrial metal-based components, managing your project from inception to completion.


Creating new possibilities

Enhanced geometric freedom

Formerly complex or impossible geometry becomes simple when design for AM principles guide you in new designs.

Fully optimized performance

AM enables you to manufacture designs with less components, lower mass, and added features to optimize performance for each application.

Shorter innovation cycles

Innovative products can now be designed, tested and developed without delays from expensive tooling and prototype fabrication.

Shorter supply chain

AM’s unrelenting efficiency streamlines production, which allows you to cut supplier, transportation, and warehousing costs.

Customization made easy

AM’s flexibility translates to tailor-made manufacturing at lower unit costs, whether you have small production batches or mass customization of components.

Driving new business models

AM offers parts built on demand anywhere in the development cycle, enabling shorter time to market and more competitive business models.