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Oerlikon Textiles India Pvt. Ltd.

The business units of oerlikon textile are the market leaders in virtually every technology area. With their innovations, they are continuously setting new standards for the global textile production. They provide comprehensive overall solutions in the sector of textile machinery and plant manufacture: from the plant design for the production of man-made and nonwoven fibres up to facilities for ring spinning, rotor spinning, winding, twisting or embroidery, they cover the entire value added chain in the textile sector.

Oerlikon Barmag

Oerlikon Barmag is the global leader in the construction of spinning facilities for such synthetic fibers as nylon, polyester and polypropylene as well as texturing machines. Core competencies in this area include plant design, facility design and construction, and the production of related components like winding heads, pumps and godets. Located at the business unit’s headquarters in Remscheid, Germany, the Oerlikon Barmag R & D center is the largest of its kind in the world. Here, over 100 engineers and technicians develop technologically-leading products for the future.

Oerlikon Neumag

Oerlikon Neumag delivers comprehensive solutions for all important nonwoven production processes. The company’s portfolio not only includes turnkey solutions for the manufacturing of spunmelt, carded and airlaid, but also new innovative nonwoven production technologies – all from a single supplier. As the market and technology leader for BCF carpet yarn and synthetic staple fi ber production plants, this business unit is currently – worldwide – the company introducing such revolutionary technologies onto the market.

Components For Spinning Machines

Barmag’s product range comprises extruders all the way through to the winding systems for all components within a spinning plant. As a systems constructor, we know the importance of the individual process steps and each partial component.

Atw Precision Winders

Tapes, whether polypropylene or polythene, whether in geotextiles, cement sacks or in artificial grass; the fields of application are many and the demand is constantly increasing. With the ATW winders, tapes with a stroke of 200 to 300 mm can be wound.

Poy Spinning Systems

With more than 30,000 spinning units supplied in the last 10 years, poy systems are the most successful oerlikon barmag product. Several decades of continuous research and development today allow all customers to produce the most varied poy filaments efficiently and cost effectively. Oerlikon barmag poy systems supply the best package quality and thus guarantee the highest pull-off speeds and an excellent dyeability of standard titers, microfilaments and high-count yarns.


Multispindle Texturing Machine

Yarns are not just being newly created and developed in fashion. Increasingly popular “fancy yarns” are being found in clothing and home textiles.
oerlikon barmag’s solution is the multispindle machine, capable of efficiently manufacturing cabled yarns or – with the help of additional components – numerous special yarns (two-tone and core/effect yarns, 2-component yarns as well as yarns with varying shrink factors).

Monofilament Extrusion System

The architecture in modern stadium construction tends ever more towards covered arenas in which the natural grass can only be maintained with a large amount of effort.
the solution lies in artificial grass, particularly since artificial grass requires much less effort to care for and maintain.

Tapes Extrusion Line

The module concept of the tape line enables a design especially adjusted to the tape requirement. By combining the hot air oven, cold and hot godets, the properties can be deliberately influenced.

Spinning Supermicro Filament Yarns

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable trend towards ever finer single filaments per thread. Multifiber texturing processes are capable of securely processing yarns with up to 432 individual filaments.

Microfiber and Supermicrofiber Poy Spinning Systems

The soft handle of microfibers, their elegant movement and easy-care properties, are highly-coveted features for textiles worn close to the body. Depending on the further processing procedures chosen, the large surface of the numerous individual filaments is responsible for creating wind-proof sports clothing, fluffy hand towels and highly-effective cleaning cloths.

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