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Meet "weekend c0d3Rs", the winners of the Oerlikon Digital Hub Hackathon

We caught up Dominik, Giacomo, Nurbol and Martin, the winners of the 1st Prize Winners of the 1st Oerlikon Digital Hub Hackathon, to find out more about them and their Data Science Solution.

Who are the “weekend c0d3Rs”?

Dominik is a Principal Data Scientist, based in Munich. He is a big fan of the Data Science Meetups in Munich, as he is always looking for new ways to keep on learning and meet like-minded people.

Giacomo is a Data Scientist, also based in Munich, who enjoys cycling and hiking in the Bavarian countryside and playing the Ukelele.

Nurbol is a BI Developer based in Berlin. In his spare time, Nurbol enjoys learning new technologies, currently focusing on using D3 library in JavaScript to build good data visualizations.

Martin is a Data Scientist based in Munich, who enjoys spending time with his parents’ Australian Shepherd.

The hack. The team

What brought them together at our Hackathon was their interest in how different companies are applying data science to their businesses. Even though the event was in Munich, Nurbol’s desire to work more with IoT Data and the opportunity to do so within our challenges, made his trip from Berlin worthwhile. Dominik, Giacomo and Martin previously knew each other and decided to team up. They met Nurbol at the event, and decided to partner and solve the Data Science challenge.

The solution

The predictive maintenance challenge attracted the team as it was very interesting from a statistical point of view and of great applicability. They used Python libraries from the Data ecosystem provided and time series analysis (pandas, sklearn, tsfresh, pyts) to help predict manufacturing machine failures ahead of time. Their solution is not a black box, making it easy for a data scientist to interpret the results and understand the model decisions, and helping to increase the acceptance of the subject matter experts.

“What many Data Scientists underestimate is that the human brain is one of the most amazing pattern recognizing machines. This is why we put a strong emphasis on meaningful visualisations of the data.” says Martin.

The team integrated the feedback provided by the onsite experts to reduce the complexity of their solution. Based on the suggestions they received, weekend c0d3Rs filtered the data and focused on a few, very critical faults.

What did they enjoy the most at the hackathon?

Dominik: The exciting use cases with real data, as well as the possibility to exchange potential solutions with other teams.

Giacomo: Learning about Oerlikon and the great potential and interesting projects in the data and digital domain they have ahead

Nurbol: Meeting people with different backgrounds and learning about the use cases of IoT data solutions. 

Martin: The people, both from Oerlikon and Partners,  as well as all the other participants.

The prize

The winning team explored Matterhorn mountain and its surroundings, in Switzerland. They got to spend one night in an igloo and enjoy the atmosphere at 2,727m above sea level.

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