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Digital Deep Dive: Cloud Architecture @ the Digital Hub

Munich, August 16, 2023 - Cloud Architecture provides the basic structure for maximizing the benefits of cloud computing, such as flexibility, seamless scalability, cost efficiency, and fostering innovation. Our team of Cloud Architects makes sure that we can quickly adjust to changes in the market and swiftly introduce digital solutions. In this edition of Digital Deep Dive, we explore the importance of Cloud Architecture and how it helps to unlock the full potential of our digital initiatives.

Digital Deep Dive: Cloud Architecture @ the Digital Hub

Let’s put the spotlight on Cloud Architecture with our expert Dmitrii Kataev, Team Lead Cloud Architect, who joined the Digital Hub in 2019.  

Cloud Architecture is becoming quite popular, but what exactly is a Cloud Architect doing? 

Dmitrii: Think about building a super cool castle with colorful building blocks. Cloud Architecture is like deciding how to arrange those blocks to make the castle strong, easy to play with, and to keep all your toy knights and princesses happy. The cloud architect plans how the blocks fit together, so websites and apps stay safe, work fast, and can grow big without any problems! This helps our developers to focus on writing codes and delivering value to our customers – without worrying about the infrastructure. 

How are these projects distributed in your team? 

Our team consists of cloud engineers and architects. We handle multiple projects at the same time, using a methodical approach of multitasking. Larger projects are divided into phases and tasks, which enables collaborative and simultaneous working. When assigning new tasks, we pay attention to the specialized skillset of each team member as well as individual interests to encourage further development. 

Are there any specific technologies or tools that your team is using to support digital transformation?  

We use a wide range of technologies and keep ourselves informed about suitable new solutions and tools. AWS serves as our core cloud platform that provides the necessary infrastructure for our digital initiatives. Python is our preferred code language and technologies like AWS CDK, Terraform, Packer, and shell scripts accelerate our teams' day-to-day operations. Back to the castle analogy, these tools help us to build colorful blocks together. 

As part of the development team, how does your team collaborate with others to drive digital transformation? 

Collaboration is key to our team's success. We closely work with Backend and Frontend Developers, supporting their infrastructure for smooth development and processes. Cloud Engineers actively participate in the debugging process and contribute to improvements in databases and networking. That means we help to find and fix mistakes in the software to make it work correctly. Additionally, we maintain close contact with our IT, ensuring effective communication in the same technical language for quick problem solving. 

Are there any challenges your team is facing? 

Like all development teams, we sometimes come across challenges. For example, the right communication is very important, as we closely work with colleagues with different technical expertise. Also, there are scenarios where we must find new solutions within a tight timeframe. That is why we divide our tasks efficiently in the team. 

On what projects will your team focus on in the future? 

Two of our future focus projects are the development of an internal "Virtual Coating Center" and creating the architecture for an IOT platform. The idea is to provide structured information about the product quality and how it can be improved. For example, the IOT platform project “OerliEye” is a solution for retrieving data from 3D printers, analyzing the result quality, and providing feedback for further improvements. In most cases, we are not only involved in the infrastructure, we also participate in the debugging process and contribute to areas of improvement, such as databases or networks. 

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