The world’s largest energy turbine producers improve the efficiency of their products while reducing negative environmental impact with Oerlikon technologies.

In their World Energy Outlook 2017, the International Energy Agency forecasts that global energy needs will expand 30 % by 2040, or on average 3.4 % annually, based on existing energy policies and announced plans, given the assumptions that the world population grows to 9+ billion by 2040, and that urbanization adds a Shanghai-sized city every four months. They also project that natural gas will lead in meeting these needs, with natural gas use rising 45 %, while oil demand grows at a decreasing pace, and coal consumption stays flat.

Industry challenges

  • Increase turbine efficiency and reduce maintenance intervals in gas turbines, hydropower and oil & gas plants
  • Protect vital oil & gas exploration components operating in the harshest environments including maintenance-free solutions and also extending the life and efficiency of gas and steam turbine components
  • Reduce corrosion and erosion in turbine components caused by silt, sand and gravel in hydropower projects
  • Prevent wind turbine standstills caused by wear, corrosion and fatigue resulting from extreme weather conditions and offshore challenges such as salt buildup
  • Prepare for the future by improving the efficiency of technologies for nonrenewables like oil & gas and promoting renewable energy technologies


  • Oerlikon’s customized solutions of coatings, materials and equipment are tailored for gas, steam, hydro and wind turbines, as well as for oil & gas applications. They help preserve equipment, increase energy efficiency and extend the useful lifespan of components, parts and tools
  • In collaboration with researchers and universities around the world, Oerlikon is working to create advanced solutions for the new future of energy and to develop products with superior functionalities
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