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The industry’s demand for ever more efficient aircraft turbines leads to ever higher temperatures and tighter tolerances. This places special demands on components such as honeycomb seals, inserts and compressor vane assemblies, resulting in their manufacture becoming increasingly complex. Oerlikon’s Eldim business line is your partner for sheet metal and machined components that significantly improve engine efficiency.

Top-Notch Component Machining

Seals reduce air flow leakage in turbines and hence play an important role for the overall efficiency of the system. But the tighter the tolerances, the more complex the manufacturing of these components becomes.

5-Axis CNC Grinding in Own Production Facilities

Our Eldim business line is a proven specialist in 5-axis CNC grinding, and our engineers have decades-long experience in the industry. Thus, our build-to-print outer air seals and interstage seals are the perfect solution for the engine’s hot section — whether the High Pressure Turbine (HPT) or the Low Pressure Turbine (LPT), as well as for the High Pressure Compressors (HPC).

With our own production facilities in the Netherlands and in Hungary we are able to meet all customers requirements — whether you are looking for a partner to jointly develop customer-specific solutions and subsequent highly specialized production, or you are looking for a cost-efficient fabrication for the broader market.

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