Tips for Interviewing

The main purpose of the interview is to get to know each other and to find out whether you and Oerlikon are indeed a good match. We shall present our company to you, and explain in more detail about the position you have applied for including development perspectives. Of course we shall be pleased to answer your questions as well.

The following tips should help you to prepare for the interview.

Be prepared

Read and research as much as you can about Oerlikon as a company. Familiarize yourself with the tasks and responsibilities of the position you applied for. Be prepared to articulate why you are the right person for the role and how you might fit to the company.

Know the information stated in your CV / Resume. You should not be caught by surprise when asked anything about your CV / Resume.

Gather as much information as possible about the interview, such as date, time, location, duration as well as the participants of Oerlikon.

Be open, proactive and honest

We encourage you to actively participate in the interview. We want to know your ideas, interests and experiences.

The interview is a two way communication because you should make sure that Oerlikon is also the right employer for you. Prepare a list with all your questions that couldn't be answered during your research and bring them to the interview. Don't be afraid to ask questions about our organization, our clients, strategy, values, the opportunities we can offer and what you can expect from us.

Be yourself and relax

If you have prepared yourself, there is no reason to be nervous. Relax and remember that we are interested in the "real" you.
Avoid over-rehearsing, as it may come across as "not being yourself". Be positive, be confident, smile and be yourself.

Be punctual

Arrive on time. Perhaps five to ten minutes before the scheduled interview. If you are running late, call your interviewer and explain why.

Be professional

Take pride in your presentation. Remember to dress for the occasion.  

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