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3D goes industrial: Accelerating the use of Additive Manufacturing across industries

Second Munich Technology Conference on Additive Manufacturing

  • 600+ experts from leading companies, academia and state officials expected at conference on October 10-11, 2018, at Technical University of Munich (TUM).
  • Hosts Oerlikon, TUM and Bayern Innovativ are supported by a strong industry partner network that includes Siemens, TÜV Süd, General Electric and Linde.
  • Keynote speakers will focus on Additive Manufacturing (AM) challenges and success stories, and will address ways to speed up the industrialization of AM.
  • Workshops with experts on second day will address topics such as AM transformation, hardware progresses and implementation of industrial AM for decision makers.

Munich, September 21, 2018

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – commonly referred to as 3D printing – is much talked about and celebrated as the key technology of the future. How can we speed up the industrialization of AM in order to improve industrial processes and the creation of new products? Which challenges have to be overcome, and how can we learn from market success stories? These and other questions will be discussed at the upcoming Munich Technology Conference (MTC2).

In this second annual conference, renowned experts from industry, academia and government will discuss the truly ground-breaking power of AM.

The interdisciplinary exchange about major challenges and opportunities posed by the broad industrialization of Additive Manufacturing is more relevant than ever. The consistent use of AM necessitates the complete rethinking of the manufacturing process at multiple levels. AM technology can be used to supplement or replace existing processes and can be used to improve upon weaknesses in others, for example in vehicle and aircraft construction. 

More than 600 AM professionals from around the world are expected to participate in interactive sessions at the conference. On the first day, keynote speakers will address the key challenges and opportunities presented by AM. The second day will be dedicated to in-depth workshops, where participants will continue the first day’s discussions and address specifics such as AM hardware or materials.

Don’t miss it!

In addition to hearing from experts in Additive Manufacturing, MTC2 offers great networking opportunities – meet the pioneering practitioners of AM and company representatives who can you address your challenges. To register, visit


“Additive Manufacturing is the ‘physical arm’ of digitalization. The full potential of this technology can only unfold in an ecosystem comprised of strong partners at every step of the value creation chain. The Munich Technology Conference (MTC) offers an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas among these partners.” 

Prof. Dr. Michael Süss,
Chairman of the Board of Oerlikon

“Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing production technology at all levels, from the construction industry to medical technology. As a result, German engineering has secured international recognition.”

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Herrmann,
President, Technical University of Munich

“The amount of research and development done in the Additive Manufacturing environment is highly encouraging. It now comes down to mastering the shift from prototyping and experimentation to mainstream industrial production. MTC is a great platform to make progress in this regard.”

Dr. Jan Mrosik,
CEO Digital Factory Division,
Siemens AG

“Additive’s time is now. It is changing the world, disrupting industries and accelerating the way products are designed and manufactured. A combination of entrepreneurial innovation with industry investment is creating a critical mass and a momentum of adoption.”

Jason Oliver,
President & CEO,
GE Additive

“We aim to create an open, future-driven and sustainable ecosystem in Bavaria to foster industrialization and application of AM. Platforms such as the MTC are important to support the exchange of knowledge and to share ideas for cooperation.”

Dr. Rainer Seßner,
CEO, Bayern Innovativ GmbH

“We want to ensure that AM applications provide added value while being safe and sustainable. Therefore, we are committed to supporting AM solution providers in establishing a serial production readiness level.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Stepken,
Chairman of the Board of Management,

“Additive Manfuacturing will only be successful if we collaborate across industries and academia  and along the whole value chain to capitalize on our collective expertise.” 

Christoph Laumen
Head of Application Technology EMEA
Technology & Innovation
Linde Gases Division

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Stephan Gick

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