Oerlikon China China has become Oerlikon’s most important market

Oerlikon is the most innovative high-tech industrial group which is well-known globally. There are four segments under the group standing in the leading position respectively in related fields. Today, Oerlikon has about 13 800 employees at over 180 locations in 37 countries.

During the past 50 years growing, Oerlikon is transforming from an exporter to a local company. Oerlikon started to develop business in China from 1964, and established the first sole-owned company in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province of China in 1999. The factory in Suzhou has become Oerlikon’s biggest manufacture location worldwide. Meanwhile, they bring service to the market in China as well as the rest of the world. Until the year of 2015, China market has occupied 24 % of the group sales, and is still developing with a high speed. There are 22 sites in China, with over 1500 employees. We can say that, Oerlikon is involved in and is the witness of China’s reform and openness as well as the economic development.

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