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Group Performance

Oerlikon’s 2030 Sustainability Targets

Not a Single Day Without Oerlikon

Oerlikon solutions can be found in such a broad spectrum of applications and industries that there is not a single day that a person will not come into contact with a technology from Oerlikon.

It is the Group’s aim to empower customers, their customers and the industries it serves to achieve more with less. Specifically, more in terms of savings, efficiency and productivity, while using fewer resources such as energy and materials. In doing so, Oerlikon supports customers in their sustainability and economic goals.

For example, Oerlikon’s technologies enable less fuel consumption in airplanes, facilitate future mobility, extend the lifetime of tools, save energy and reduce waste in processing polymers and beyond. Below are some examples of Oerlikon’s sustainable technologies for customers and further details can be found in Oerlikon’s sustainability reports.