Events & Agenda (06/07/17 - 06/09/17) ITSC 2017

ITSC 2017 Düsseldorf, Germany – This outstanding annual event in the world of thermal spray technology is jointly organized by the DVS – German Welding Society, ASM International's Thermal Spray Society (TSS) and International Institute of Welding (IIW). ITSC is an important opportunity for the global thermal spray community to meet, exchange information and conduct business successfully.

Date: June 7 - 9, 2017
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Come see our latest technology offerings in Cascading Arc, HVOF, Laser Cladding, highlights of new Materials and more!

Oerlikon Metco will presenting on the following topics:
Multilayered suspension plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings for high temperature applications
M. Gupta* – University West, Sweden; N. Markocsan; R. Rocchio-Heller; J. Liu, B. Callen; X. Li, L. Östergren

Suspension plasma spray YSZ feedstocks and delivery system for improved spray distance and cost effective throughput
B. Callen* – Oerlikon Metco (Canada) Inc., Canada; R. Roccio-Heller; J. Liu; O. Sabouni

Alloyed carbides beyond WC as a new material platform for solving challenges in hardfacing
P. Fiala* – Oerlikon Metco (Canada) Inc., Canada; R. Hepp; A. Zikin

New developments in HVOF spraying for internal diameter coatings
J. Gutleber* – Oerlikon Metco (US) Inc., USA; J. Colmenares-Angulo; R. Molz; J. He

Oerlikon Metco will also be sponsoring the Young Professionals Award, which aims to recognize bright young individuals who show promise in contributing to the advancements in surface engineering.

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Participating Business Units
  • Metco

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