Red Dot Award

Product Design 2014

The Red Dot Design Award, the “Red Dot”, is an internationally recognised quality label for excellent design.

Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. Our international design competition, the “Red Dot Design Award”, is aimed at all those who would like to distinguish their business activities through design. The distinction is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries in the areas of product design, communication design, and design concepts.


Oerlikon Balzers wins 2014 Red Dot Award

Oerlikon Balzers has beaten some tough competition to become one of the winners of this year’s Red Dot Award. The international panel of judges confirmed the high quality of design delivered by the two coating systems INUBIA B6 and PPD designed by Peter Klien (Design Forum Technik, Liechtenstein). The two prize-winning coating systems combine leading-edge coating technology with simple handling and shapely design. The Balzers engineers and physicists have succeeded in extending their techno-logical edge with these two systems. The prize-winning machines are already in use at the first coating centres.

Read more on: http://www.red-dot-21.com/products/inubia-b6-coating-system-22548

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