Drive Systems Segment Drive Systems Segment is a worldwide leading supplier of complete drive systems as well as gear systems and single components for transmissions

Drive Systems Segment

The product portfolio includes drive systems for high-performance cars, components for four-wheel drives and agricultural vehicles, planetary drives (torque hub®) and gear components. Its customers demand high product reliability and flexibility. Despite or expressly because of the sophisticated customer requirements, Drive Systems Segment is capable to consistently use its strengths to increase customer benefits.

Gears & Components
With more than 50 years of experience behind us, Oerlikon Graziano is an internationally renowned supplier of precision components to all the main manufactures of Agricultural Tractors, Construction Equipment, Truck, Commercial Vehicle plus specialist automotive applications.

Its claim is simply whether it moves on wheel or track, it is synchronised or power shift we have the manufacturing capability to meet its customers specific transmission needs. Coupled to this Oerlikon Graziano has 11 manufacturing plants strategically placed around the world, not only to meet the needs of its global customers but to satisfy the transmission needs of the local market.

Off-Highway Drivelines
Oerlikon Graziano is the Preferred Partner for Collaborative-Design, Testing and Manufacturing of driveline systems for variety of special applications in the Off-Highway, mainly Agricultural and Construction, and City Bus Markets.

Oerlikon Graziano is a global player in heavy axles for Construction Equipment, Premium Agricultural Tractors and Low Floor City Buses. We are a major provider of light axles for Golf and Utility Vehicles. In the Lift Truck, Utility and Agricultural Markets we provide a line of Powershift Gearboxes and Specialty Transmissions

Automotive Transmissions

Innovation, technology and manufacturing excellence have been the drivers of Oerlikon Graziano , allowing Oerlikon Group to reach the position of European market leader in high technology gearbox systems and consolidate the role of preferred partner for the development and supply of all wheel drive cars assemblies.
In the automotive market, the company is best known for its six speed transaxles, which are standard fitment in the ultimate high performance cars, and for the Four Wheel Drive/performance Rear Wheel Drive cars sub-assemblies such as Power Transfer Units and Rear Differential Modules.
Only the absolute best in product design, development, and manufacture is the requirement of our customers in this market segment. Oerlikon Graziano transaxles are standard fitment in the cars produced by Aston Martin, Ferrari,  Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Audi and the most recently announced new cars to feature our transmission systems are the Aston Martin One-77 and Vantage S, the McLaren MP4-12C and the Lamborghini Aventador.
In addition, Oerlikon Graziano is leader provider of transmission systems for the new generation of zero emission vehicles from city cars to commercial vehicles to sports cars.

Oerlikon Fairfield is a leading provider of engineered gear and drive systems for off-highway and industrial original equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

With over 88 years of experience and expertise, the company's major competencies include design, development and manufacturing of the following products:

Custom Gears
Since 1919, Fairfield has been designing and producing custom gearing to meet the industry's need. With the most extensive range gear manufacturing capability available, from one inch to over 60 inches, the company has the ability to engineer the perfect gear to service the customer's need
Customer Drive Assemblies
From 300 Nm to over 4 million Nm of output torque capability, Oerlikon Fairfield has the expertise to meet the most demanding drive system requirements.

Torque Hub ® Planetary Drives
Torque Hub ® final drives deliver the torque output and long-life performance required for industrial machinery and off-highway mobile equipment. Used with hydraulic or electric motors, Torque Hub ® drives offer an effective and reliable solution for a wide range of drive, swing and lift requirements.

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