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Beyond Surfaces #10 - Sustainability

Interview: Sustainability; Gearing up for sustainability: Improving manufacturing processes with EcoGear; Oerlikon’s employees implement green innovations worldwide; 6-fold productivity increase with BALINIT FORMERA.

Beyond Surfaces #10 - Sustainability

Sustainability is an integral part of Oerlikon's strategy. As a global innovation powerhouse for surface technology, polymer processing and additive manufacturing, sustainability is not just a concept, but a living principle.

The 10th issue of Beyond Surfaces is all about sustainability. In each article, you will learn about the diversity and possibilities in which this principle becomes a reality, whether customers are making it happen in their projects, employees in their daily work, in research projects or at the annual AMTC event.

We spoke to Georg Stausberg, Chief Sustainability Officer, Oerlikon, and Dr Sven Hicken, Chief Technology Officer, Surface Solutions Division, to learn more about the background to communicating sustainability proactively and transparently as well as the sustainability goals for 2030.

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Interview: Sustainability

Proactive and transparent communication – “Sustainability is nothing new for Oerlikon – what’s new is that we are talking about it so transparently,” says Georg Stausberg, Chief Sustainability Officer at Oerlikon. In 2021, Oerlikon published its first sustainability report. We talked with Georg Stausberg and Dr. Sven Hicken, Chief Technology Officer of the Surface Solutions Division why an sustainability report wasn’t issued before and the sustainability objectives Oerlikon is targeting by 2030.

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Reducing waste with EcoGear

What does it take to manufacture products and components that generate substantially less waste without compromising their utility or performance? EcoGear, a joint R&D project between Oerlikon, industry partners and academia, focuses on a manufacturing process improvement that, apart from reducing waste, even uses less energy and has a smaller carbon footprint.

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Sustainability initiatives

Oerlikon´s employees implement green innovations worldwide. With Oerlikon’s history of creating sustainability solutions for its clients, green thinking is already integral to Oerlikon’s mission. Teams all around the world are intensifying their efforts to bring this perspective to their own workplace, operations and personal conduct.

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6-fold productivity increase

Tier-1 supplier Unipres presses sheet metal for automotive manufacturers and specialises in high-strength steel pressing, tailored blank welding and hot pressing technology to make components lighter and safer. “We tested lots of different coatings, but none came near the performance of BALINIT FORMERA.” And thus, the company was able to achieve a six-fold increase in productivity in the forming of demanding ultra-high-strength steels.

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Petra Ammann

Petra Ammann

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