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Le traitement avec BALITHERM IONIT OX augmente la résistance à l'usure et, grâce à la protection anticorrosive, confère au disque de frein un aspect élégant, exempt de trace de rouille rouge.

Disques de freins

We know that the right brake disk coating depends on environmental conditions (humidity, exposure to salts, road particulate, etc.) and mechanical stresses (vehicle weight, traffic conditions, etc.).

  • Brake disks for electric cars need increased protection
  • Our solutions combine corrosion and wear resistance to ensure top performance in all situations
  • We can help brake system manufacturers and designers prepare for stricter regulations by significantly reducing fine dust and extending disk life

Our  brake disk solutions provide exactly the level of corrosion and wear resistance to match your protection and cost requirements.

Oerlikon’s engineers are ready to work with you to determine the right solution for your brake disk application as we continue to develop new solutions for this rapidly emerging market.

Veuillez contacter notre équipe de vente pour une recommandation.

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