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Balzers (BU)

We are a leading global supplier of PVD coatings and other surface technologies for precision components as well as metalworking and plastics processing tools. Together with Oerlikon Metco we are about to become the world technology leader in surface solutions. With our combined strengths we will provide even better solutions to our customer’s demands in the future. A wide spectrum of industries will benefit from new possibilities created from the combined product and solution portfolio.


Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG
Iramali 18
Balzers LI-9496
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About Oerlikon Balzers

Oerlikon Balzers is one of the world’s leading suppliers of surface technologies that significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components as well as tools for the metal and plastics processing industries. These coatings, marketed under the BALINIT and BALIQ brand names, are extremely thin and exceptionally hard. They significantly reduce friction and wear. Under the technology brand ePD, the company develops integrated services and solutions for the metallization of plastic parts with chrome effects. Oerlikon Balzers operates a dynamically growing network of currently 94 coating centers in 35 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Market areas & Core Competencies

Friction and wear are major factors limiting the performance and service life of tools and precision components. Coating them with Oerlikon Balzers’ coatings is the most effective and frequently the only possibility of making a decisive difference to their operational performance.

  • Tools: Using coated cutting and forming tools, more demanding materials can be processed within shorter times, with lower processing material consumption and with better quality.
  • Components: For automotive and precision components, coatings open up new design possibilities. Engineers can create smaller components that withstand higher loads yet are more reliable, live longer and cost less.
Products & Solutions
  • Coating Services: Oerlikon Balzers operates its own coating centres in every major industrial region of Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Tens of thousands of customers make use of this contract coating option. Every day, Oerlikon Balzers coats hundreds of thousands of tools and precision components.
  • Coating Systems: If you wish to carry out the coating operations not only as an integral part of your own production but also under your own management, coating systems or complete, turnkey production lines can be purchased from Oerlikon Balzers.
  • In-house coating centers:: If, for logistical reasons, large part volumes are to be coated within your operation, Oerlikon Balzers takes over this task under its own management but integrated into your production environment.


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