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BALORA TECH PRO Environmental barrier coating with high temperature wear resistance

BALORA™ TECH PRO for enhanced efficiency, reliability, and extended service life of your critical components

Inside view of a jet engine, which can be coated using BALORA TECH PRO
View on the coatable parts inside a jet engine

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the aerospace and power generation industries need solutions to protect temperature-sensitive materials from environmental influences and high operating temperatures. Advanced surface solutions can significantly extend the life of critical components by preventing premature wear.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) has become a preferred technology for these industries offering a REACH compliant and eco-friendly alternative to current coating technologies.

BALORA™ TECH PRO is an aluminum chromium oxide coating with a corundum type crystal structure that provides excellent adhesion to metallic and oxide materials. The coating can be applied to a variety of substrates such as aluminum, titanium, aluminides, steel, nickel alloys and super alloys.

Depending on the substrate material, the coating is stable at temperatures up to 1400°C. Designed to ensure components operate with maximum efficiency and reliability, BALORA™ TECH PRO provides an excellent barrier against diffusion, corrosion, hot corrosion, oxidation and mechanical wear, while being thin and uniform around even complex part geometries.

BALORA TECH PRO extends the service life of components without the use of rare earth materials.

Features Advantages Customer value
Hot corrosion and oxidation resistance Higher service temperatures Improved efficiency and part lifetime
High density Excellent diffusion barrier, better control over diffusion processes Increased reliability of the turbine blades and other components
Well-bonded aluminum oxide coating Outstanding adhesion on a variety of substrates Improved durability and performance
Mechanical wear protection Active prevention of fretting and galling Extended service intervals reduce operating costs
REACH compliant Effective eco-friendly alternative solution to hard chrome plating without using hazardous materials Meets sustainability goals

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