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Plasma-Assisted Coating Processes Comprehensive know-how from basics to high-performance coatings

Techniques, systems, processes and applications - intelligibly explained by the driving heads of the coating industry.

Plasma-Assisted Coating Processes

Coated surfaces, whether visible or not, are a permanent and indispensable part of many objects used daily. Without coatings, materials and surfaces would quickly reach their limits. Coatings reduce friction and wear, protect from thermal overload and corrosion, and furthermore add distinction possibilities and optimised aesthetic appeal. Various industrial manufacturing processes are not thinkable without coatings.

The PVD + CVD book “Plasma-Assisted Coating Processes” takes a close look at the environmental-friendly, entire technology behind PVD and CVD coatings, speaking about basics, technologies and systems, but also handling, applications and a foresight.

We recommend this book to interested newcomers and advanced users who want to get a compact and comprehensive overview of surface coatings.

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