METAPLAS.DOMINOModular platform for coating solutions


The modular METAPLAS.DOMINO platform allows individual surface solutions to be developed for both current and future trends. Being able to precisely select those modules required for your specific needs is the key success factor of this technology.

Core modules offered by Oerlikon Balzers are APA Arc, Sputtering, DLC, Combi and the latest HIPIMS/HIPAC technique (high ionization plasma assisted coating). The modular concept allows new technologies to be added at a later date.


  • Advantages


    The latest hybrid technology from Oerlikon Balzers, a combination of APA Arc and HIPIMS/HIPAC, has paved the way for some of the most innovative coating technology approaches.

    Three high ionization processes: HI3

    Combining arc and sputtering methods did not create any noteworthy benefits in the past, because of the different characteristics of these two procedures.

    Now, the development of the HIPIMS/HIPAC module has made it possible to combine three high ionization processes to create the innovative HI3 (High Ionization Triple) technology, which is suited to industrial scale production:


    Highest potential for future coatings

    Process and material combinations that allow entirely new development trends in high performance coating can now be used for the first time. The combination of high-ionization sputter and high-ionization arc processes makes previously unrealizable layer architectures possible.

    Until now, many alloys could only be partially deposited using the arc process alone. Combination with the HIPAC process enables a considerably larger spectrum of materials, such as SiB (silicon-boron), B4C (boron carbide), and others, to be evaporated. This has opened up entirely new opportunities in layer design for those with expertise in both technological areas.

    New high performance coatings can be optimally tailored to each specific application by micro alloying, doping and layer architecture.

    The METAPLAS.DOMINO system was developed using knowledge gained from more than 30 years of tool manufacturing experience.

  • Specifications

    Usable coating volume: Ø 330 mm x 300 mm Ø 450 mm x 500 mm Ø 650 mm x 700 mm Ø 1200 mm x 1500 mm
    Available coating modules: ARC, SPUTTER, HIPAC, DLC, COMBI
    APA arc evaporators: 2 to 6 3 to 12 4 to 16 8 to 32
    Available power supplies: DC and DC Pulse DC and DC Pulse DC and DC Pulse DC and DC Pulse
    Magnetron sputter sources: 1 to 3 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 4
    Available power supplies: DC, DC Pulse, HIPIMS, MF, RF DC, DC Pulse, HIPIMS, MF, RF DC, DC Pulse, HIPIMS, MF, RF DC, DC Pulse, HIPIMS, MF, RF
    BIAS modules:

    Bipolar Pulsed,

    100 Hz – 20 kHz,

    15 A, 1000 V
    30 A, 500 V

    Bipolar Pulsed,

    100 Hz – 20 kHz,

    30 A, 1000 V
    60 A, 500 V

    Bipolar Pulsed,

    100 Hz – 20 kHz,

    30 A, 1000 V
    60 A, 500 V

    Bipolar Pulsed,

    100 Hz – 10 kHz,

    160 A, 1000 V
    240 A, 300 V
      Optionally available: MF and RF BIAS supply
    Plasma cleaning: All systems equipped with patented Power Etching Process AEGD.
    Gas modules: All systems with Nitrogen and Argon, optional Acetylene and Hydrogen.
    Substrate table: 5 shafts 6 shafts 9 shafts up to 32 shafts

    Other than this Domino series, additional system sizes are available, e.g. for coating big parts and long parts.

    High capacity for reduced cost per piece  
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  • Further information

    Further information

    APA arc 

    Innovative APA (advanced plasma assisted) arc evaporation technology is based on the cathodic vacuum arc method. It offers a variety of opportunities for the development of new layer architectures with varied morphology, stoichiometry, doping, multi and nanolayers.


    The sputtering process, using either DC, DC pulsed, RF, MF, or high-pulse power supplies (HIPIMS), extracts atoms from a target through bombardment with highly energized Argon ions. Combination of the sputtered material with additional gases (reactive sputtering) results in the deposition of new coatings on the target parts.


    HIPIMS/HIPAC (high ionisation plasma assisted coating) combines the patented, highly efficient plasma cleaning process AEGD (Arc Enhanced Glow Discharge) with HIPIMS (high-power impulse magnetron sputtering).



    DLC (diamond-like carbon) coatings comprise a group of extremely low friction amorphous carbon coatings. With a DLC module, different coatings can be created using PVD and/or PACVD processes. Standard DLC coatings are composed of metal-free materials or metal-containing carbon such as W:C-H.



    With a Combi module, a hardening plasma nitriding process can be combined with a superposing PVD or PACVD coating - in one system and in one batch.

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