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One technology platform – various possibilities


Combining multiple technologies as modules for individual demands and building a great unit – this is the basis of the METAPLAS.DOMINO. State-of-the-art thin film equipment has been developed with the knowledge of nearly 30 years of experience in tool manufacturing industry.

For Oerlikon Balzers, this means offering efficient system solutions and even setting trends in surface treatment. The modular and flexible concept of the thin film equipment allows further expansions and upgrades.

  • Flexibility, various modular expansion options
  • Individually tailored coatings
  • High process reliability
  • Low costs per piece by short cycles and reduced production costs
  • Worldwide highly efficient after-sales service

Coated surfaces, whether visible or not, are a permanent and indispensable part of many objects used daily. Without coatings, materials and surfaces would quickly reach their limits. Coatings reduce friction and wear, protect from thermal overload and corrosion, and furthermore add distinction possibilities and optimised aesthetic appeal. Various industrial manufacturing processes are not thinkable without coatings.

The PVD + CVD book “Plasma-Assisted Coating Processes” takes a close look at the environmental-friendly, entire technology behind PVD and CVD coatings, speaking about basics, technologies and systems, but also handling, applications and a foresight.

We recommend this book to interested newcomers and advanced users who want to get a compact and comprehensive overview of surface coatings.

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  • APA Arc (Advanced Plasma Assisted Arc)

    Our cathodic vacuum arc technology ignites an electric arc between an anode and a cathode with an adjustable magnetic field setting and allows parameter settings for new coating types such as metal and carbon coatings.

    Your Benefits:

    • High deposition rates > 5 µm/h
    • Steered Arc with adjustable magnetic fields
    • Tetra amorphous carbon coatings of > 50 GPa hardness
    • Quick target change
    • Reduced macro-particles
  • Sputtering by DC (Direct Current) or MF (Middle Frequency)

    Our Magnetron sputtering technology provides a physical process where atoms are released from a solid target by bombardment with high-energy ions mainly Argon. A magnetic field (Balanced to Unbalanced) is used to create an improved ionisation.

    Your Benefits:

    • Stable coating conditions
    • DC and MF Power supplies up to 350 kHZ for depositing oxide layers without target poisining
    • Layer structures adjustable by plasma parameter settings
    • Smooth coatings
    • Low  deposition temperatures < 100 °C
  • HiPIMS (High Power Impuls Magnetron Sputtering)

    Our HiPIMS technology is the key for high ionized sputter coatings. Power densities in the range of several hundred W/cm2 up to several thousand W/cm2 can be applied and allow to shape new coating structures.

    Your Benefits:

    • High ionisation rate (similar to arc)
    • Adjustable layer structures by plasma parameter settings
    • Very smooth coatings
    • Deposition of dense coatings at low substrate temperatures < 60°C
  • Superposition of HiPIMS with additional DC and / or MF power supply

    Our Superposition process with different power modes allows to deposit new coating combinations and increases the otherwise low deposition rate.

    Your Benefits:

    • Higher deposition rate up to factor 2 compared to DC or HiPIMS
    • Peak densities up to 1500 W/cm2
    • Layer structures with oxide layers possible
  • Advanced AEGD, the new generation of etching

    Our Advanced AEGD etching is using a Titanium or Chromium cathode and various anodes for an adjustable and uniform etching.

    Your Benefits:

    • Adjustable etching uniformity over the coating height
    • Strong etching power for up to 2 µm/h etching rate on cemented carbide tools
    • Excellent adhesion properties
    • No maintenance between regular cycles (fully controlled by recipe)
  • M.NIP (Nitriding + PVD)

    All our PVD coating machines contain the 2 in 1 process of plasma nitriding and subsequent PVD coating in one cycle:

    Your Benefits:

    • All in one cycle
    • Hardening and coating of steel parts in one cycle
    • Forming tools and steel substrates can be processed economically
  • The total coating solution

    If you decide to start your own "in house" coating solution due to high external coating costs, Oerlikon Balzers offers an individual concept based on our many years of experience in our coating centers.

    1 Cleaning

    Clean surfaces are essential for coating adhesion. So Oerlikon Balzers invests a great deal of effort in surface preparation for PVD and offers multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning lines using aqueous alkaline baths with no environmentally harmful additives.

    2 Pre-treatment

    If additional pre-treatment is required, Oerlikon Balzers always uses the right technology. We offer various edge preparation and surface treatment technologies depending on your needs.

    3 Coating

    A broad range of coating technologies is available for almost unlimited cutting, forming, punching, metal die casting or plastics processing applications. Working in close collaboration with our customers around the world, our specialists are continuously opening up new applications. Customised coatings are available on request.

    4 Post-treatment

    Numerous methods are applied to give tools the finishing touches. Over the years, Oerlikon Balzers has gained the extensive experience needed to come up with the best solutions and equipment to meet your needs.

    5 Quality control

    The success of a coating also hinges directly on the condition and quality of the tool. We use visual and mechanical methods to assess the coating compatibility of incoming items and to determine coating quality. As our technologies are used in a wide range of industries, we are in the perfect position to offer consultation on which quality control resources you need.

    6 After Sales

    Technical support and advice via telephone, service hotline and email. Remote diagnostics and control for even faster troubleshooting. Professional on-site support for installations, upgrades, repairs and maintenance. Engineer dispatch within 24 hours. Service agreements. New and second-hand parts, as well as consumables. Upgrades, including the latest technologies and coatings. Standard and customer-specific graphite parts.

  • HI3 – High Ionization Triple

    HI3 simultaneously runs highly ionized Arc and HiPIMS sputter coating processes. In combination with Advanced AEGD etching it is a unique technology and ensures to develop a new generation of PVD coatings.

    • HI3 combines the strength of 3 technologies in one PVD system: Arc, HiPIMS and AEGD
    • HI3 allows to adapt the coatings to your specific requirements by micro alloying, doping and the combination of a wider range of materials
    • HI3 is the approach to the next generation of PVD coatings

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