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The high hardness and tenacity of BALINIT TURBINE PRO gives outstanding protection against abrasive wear, solid particle erosion and liquid droplet erosion, making it ideal for highly stressed precision components even under high thermal conditions. The finished coated product has extremely low surface roughness (<0.1Raµm) without any post coating machining.

The BALINIT TURBINE PRO family of coatings using a titanium aluminium nitride (TiAlN) structure results in an optimal relation of high hardness to residual compressive stress. This gives great performance especially for highly stressed components.

BALINIT TURBINE PRO can be applied to your steels, super alloys and titanium components with minimal effects to fatigue life.


BALINIT TURBINE PRO anti- erosion and corrosion resistant turbine coatings allow longer maintenance cycles and functional reliability

  • PVD and PACVD coatings are especially suitable for precision components due to the coating uniformity, repeatability and no post-finish is needed!
  • Oerlikon Balzers’ solutions offer environmentally friendly coating technologies that reduce operating costs, extending service intervals and protecting valuable components from all types of wear
  • BALINIT TURBINE PRO is 40 x more resistance than steel 
  • 5 x more erosion resistant than other PVD coating solutions
  • Minimal fatigue debit of original finished component material
  • Maintains low surface roughness to improve gas flow efficiency

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