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High End Deco

Oerlikon Balzers' decorative coatings combine unbeatable wear resistance with superb designer finishes.

High End Deco

Oerlikon Balzers offers wear protection coatings in a range of colours unrivalled in the industry, enabling the faithful realization of design and product ideas. These coatings are moreover extremely hard and highly resistant to abrasive wear and scratching.

BALTONE™: Wear protection solutions with an engaging design.

BALTONE™ coatings are characterised by their availability in a large variety of elegant colours and, accordingly, by their decorative appeal. They are moreover extremely hard and highly resistant to wear and scratches.

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BALINIT®: Radiant colour coatings that are known throughout the world.

Extremely hard, extraordinarily wear resistant and highly scratch resistant - Oerlikon Balzers’ BALINIT® coatings leave nothing to be desired. The wide range of available colours moreover makes them ideal for decorative applications.

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BALIQ™: An innovative coating generation available in a host of colours.

BALIQ coatings offer revolutionary properties, such as extreme smoothness and excellent hardness, in many colours. Or, put more simply, sophisticated style AND wear protection in a single coating!

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Performance overview
Hardness ++ +++ +++
Resistance to scratching + ++ +++
Resistance to abrasive wear + ++ +++
Colour range +++ + +
Resistance to chemicals and to corrorion caused by sweat ++ ++ ++
Biocompatibility ++ ++ +
Custom colours 

We also formulate custom colours for specific needs and individual applications in close cooperation with our customers, so broadening their scope for inspiration, creation, and production.

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